Aloe Vera – The Magical Plant


Aloe Vera – The miracle plant!! No matter whether you have acne, acidity, burns or rashes, the first and foremost natural treatment is Aloe Vera. Seen growing in our gardens and also cultivated by researchers for its special medicinal values, Aloe Vera has become the most cherished plant and treatment for varied purposes.

With the increasing research projects about the plant, the number of companies producing aloe vera based skin and health products has increased by par. Today, you can find aloe vera based skin creams, face washes, creams, health supplements, etc. all with the magical properties of this medicinal plant. So, here is the endless list of this beautiful plant, some known and some unknown to a regular reader.

  1. Helps fight HeartBurn

Heart Burn is a common symptom in people who commonly suffer from Gastroeesophageal Reflux Disease. Heart burn is one of the common symptoms of GERD. Consuming an aloe vera gel based capsule can help decrease the toxicity caused due to GERD.

According to a research, consuming 1 to 3 ounces of aloe vera juice reduces your chances of suffering from severe GERD and also related digestion problems.

  1. Helps keep away bacteria from your veggies and fruits

Apply a little aloe vera gel on your fruits and vegetables can help you keep your vegetables free from harmful bacteria. Coating the fruits and vegetables also helps them to stay fresh and last longer. It also helps remove the harmful chemicals from them.

  1. As a mouth wash

Do you use a mouth wash after brushing your teeth? Well, if yes then using an aloe vera based mouth wash can help you cleanse your teeth and mouth, also freeing your mouth from infections. The plant has natural ingredients which also include vitamin C. It also blocks plaque, swelling in gums and bleeding.

  1. Blood Sugar Regulator

Suffering from diabetes? Well, if you are then consuming aloe vera may help you regulate the blood sugar in your body. Based on a study performed in Thailand, consuming just 2 tablespoons of aloe vera will help you keep your blood sugar in control. Thus, in the near future there are chances of medicines made out of aloe vera to control your diabetes?

  1. Helps relieve from Constipation

Every morning, a large number of people suffer from chronic constipation. Some take herbal pills, hot water, etc. But above all, it is best to consume aloe vera juice. It helps ease the bowel movements and relieve constipation.

  1. Brighter and softer skin

A fresh and lovely skin is all that a woman needs to look glorious. Aloe vera gel can help you keep your skin clear, fresh and also well hydrated. You can also use it to get relief from burns, bruises and pain.

  1. Fight against Cancer

Cancer has become a very common disease in today’s generation. Triggered by our reckless lifestyle, food habits and a number of other conditions, our body is now more than ever exposed to such deadly diseases. Consuming aloe vera juice, which includes aloe-emodin, helps decrease the spreading of breast cancer cells in our body. However, the research is still under progress to know how and whether aloe vera also has the same effect on other forms of cancerous cells.

Aloe vera, has endless benefits on our health, both inner and outer. These are just a few of the basic and most essential benefits of the magical plant.

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