An Experienced Safety Practioner


Hallo to all Indian safety practitioners, my name is Peter Ribbe, I have been invited to make some assisting comments in this blog. If anyone wishes to contact me outside of these pages, or requires assistance with a topic, please go to my Linkedin page

You will need to connect with me before I can reply to any questions.

I am based in Queensland Australia, and work in Brisbane in a Hide Processing factory, we are part of a larger group of companies, and export our products to the worlds tanneries, primarily India and China.

Since I have been asked to assist, I took the time to investigate the legislations in India, that a safety person has to work under. And all I can say is I genuinely feel sorry for you all, there are so many pieces of old legislation, some going back to the British Raj days. In Australia, all our states had their own Safety Legislations and Regulations, this changed in 2011, whereby all states except two, have harmonized and are using the same Legislations and Regulations. (New Zealand and China are also adopting these Legislations) This makes it a lot easier for a safety practitioner to follow and work under, as there has to be some form of guide that creates a common ground for safety to be achievable in any work place. And a concerted push needs to be made by all Indian safety people, to ensure that the Indian Government creates a realistic legislation that ensures that safety people have a framework to work by.

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I am, as you will find out, somewhat of a radical in my views, I am pragmatic and realistic, and this often puts me into the firing line of the academic class of safety person, of whom I do not hold in high regard. To me there are three kinds of safety people in the world,

  • The academic – who has gone to university straight from school, and has never done a day of real work in their lives.
  • The safety professional (not sure what a safety professional really is) these are the people that have mostly worked their way up, went to university and got themselves a degree and want to be in line with Doctors, Solicitors etc.
  • The humble safety person, these people have generally come from other work areas, and have entered the safety arena, for one or more reasons, these are the people that will be resident in the work place, these are the front line soldiers, these are the only people that can and will make a difference in a workers life. After all, that is what safety is all about, ensuring that we have a safe work place, and that our workers do not suffer any injuries or illnesses or are killed. Those that want to do this only for the money are in the wrong job, as to be a safety person, you must always have the welfare of the worker in mind, and this takes a large amount of caring and compassion from the safety person.


I too have a university degree of sorts, plus many diplomas, you may think that I am too passionate about my job; maybe I am, as I hold the lives of over 120 workers in my hands every day. I do not just do safety, I have a large portfolio to cover each day, and my titles are,

Work health and Safety Manager

Human Resource Manager

Hazmat/Hazchem Manager (Manage Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Chemicals)

Rehabilitation and Return to work Coordinator (look after and rehabilitate injured workers)

Trainer & Assessor   (Similar to a teacher, but trains and teaches adults not children)

Senior First Aid Officer (Paramedic)

Most are probably thinking he must be a millionaire doing all those jobs, I can assure you I am not, would be nice though, I really earn less than half of what academics earn. And it is not about money anyway, it is about getting the satisfaction, of keeping workers safe at work.

If any of you are having difficulty with my English, I must explain, all you that speak English, speak British English, Americans speak American English, I have been told that Australian is supposed to be English as well, but a lot of English speakers from other countries cannot understand us, I had this difficulty in England, Scotland and Ireland when I was there in the ‘70’s. I guess it has to do with our slang and always cutting words off, not sure, everyone understands me here?? So that is a bit of humour on my part. I have written a number of safety books to assist those not only new to safety, but also to give a bit of knowledge to those that are already in the industry, I hope to write some more in the future, and will post them for your use. They have been written, on a practical level, as to be a successful safety person, to be practical, will be one of your greatest assets.


So please have a look at my safety books, they are there to assist you with hard won knowledge, I am also available to help individuals with questions, you will need to be aware that I work under a different set of legislations than you do, so you need to use, what you can under your own.