An Ultimate Bicycle Safety Guide

kid riding cycle

Cycling as an activity or rather as a mode of exercise has been widely appreciated by people across the world. Believe it or not, it is the best exercise for your entire body, all the muscles, eyes and our brain. Right from kids of younger age to adults, cycling is something that you should know. But, in order to stay fit and cycle through the beautiful roads and green fields near your home, you need to make sure that you cycle with complete safety. So, here is an ultimate bicycle safety guide for you, to help you cycle through the roads without getting hurt or bruised due to accidents. Follow them to enjoy your good health and also your complete safety.

Use Light reflectors


No matter whether you are riding your bicycle during broad daylight or at night, it is a must to ensure that you have light reflectors on your cycle to draw the attention of the ongoing traffic. People usually fail to notice the riders on their bicycle. This is one reason why you need light reflectors on your bicycle. These reflectors help attract the attention of all other people on the road.

Bicycle horn or bell

Always make sure you have a horn or a bell on your bicycle. In case of traffic or with pedestrians around, it is essential that you get seen and also heard easily. When the lights are dim, it is important that you honk your bell to let people know that you are riding your bicycle. However, make sure you don’t push the bell more often, disturbing people around.

Mini First aid kit

The new bicycles these days come with a small 1 person first aid kit. This is especially important when you meet with an unwanted accident or get wounded while riding your bicycle. The kit is basic and includes bandages, wipes, cotton and a cream that allows the rider to clean, treat and protect oneself from severe infections.

Check the handlebars

When you ride your bicycle, make sure you first check the handlebars before riding it. They should be in line with the wheel and tight enough to allow you to have a smooth ride.

Check Wheels

The wheels should be in good shape and have the right air pressure in them. The spokes should also be in a good shape and reflective to allow people know your presence even during night.

Helmet and accessories


Wear the right cycling accessories such as knee pads, hand gloves and helmet to ensure your safety while riding your cycle. These accessories are a must to help you enjoy your cycling without injuries. Also make sure you wear a proper cycling outfit that fits your perfectly along with a good quality sports shoes. These accessories greatly help you to enjoy your cycling experience without getting wounded. However, make sure you wear bright neon clothes when riding your cycle at night.

Avoid riding at night

Cycling is a great sport and exercise regime. But, in order to make sure that you stay safe while riding your bicycle, it is essential that you ride it in light and not in the darkness of night. You are less visible at night, making it difficult for people and car drivers to notice you during turns and on the roads.

Ride only in the safe areas

Choose the right place to ride your bicycle such as around the parks or any other place with low-traffic. Ensure that the roads have no potholes, enough light and no puddles. With these tips, you can easily enjoy your cycling without compromising on your safety.

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