Another Party Night…But Safety First !


Some people have extravagant social lives, be it with friends or family. Even if not so, then people should get involved a bit into social moods often as to curb down the monotony of the routined schedule. To attend a party, you need not wait for any kind of occasion, instead, just a tinge of zeal and a group of people are required to enlighten your spirit.

Meeting friends or family members, planning out for a party destination, cuisine, gifts, theme, drinks are the essentials that you must keep in mind while the party fever is about to set in.  Partying is to get in the full swing of enjoyment and have unlimited fun to break the blandness of life and returning afresh back to work. Generally, parties include consumption of alcohol too. Drinking helps you get into the party mode, mixing in the crowd, loosen up yourself so that you could chitchat unrestrained with people around you. All these add more fun to the party. But even then you need to keep yourself safe. Safety is mandatory at all levels  including driving, drinking or talking to strangers at a party. Women should be wary enough while mingling with people. Hence, keeping a Pepper Spray is a wise idea for their own safety and protection.

Whether the party has been arranged at a pub, bar, or house, the common thing that is needed to be kept in mind is being alert and drink in quantity that would keep you stable enough to reach back home safely. High school students are more prone to drink and drive after celebratory times. But often such celebrations can turn deadly.  The host has to be aware of those guests who choose to add drinking and driving to the mixture, and turn the memorable night for good reasons into a tragic moment for all. Alcohol affects in a way that changes your thought process to a different path altogether. Therefore, one should plan to make a choice oneself not to drink and drive. Getting into an accident can cause loss of life as well as others who too get involved in the accident. Major road accidents are caused due to drunk driving and mere carelessness.

Always find someone to drive for you who has not been drinking. Talking to the person subtly and offering for a drive is also an option for safe drive back home. The host should be wise enough to inform his/her friends or acquaintances about the condition and hand the keys to them in order to save lives. Driving with loud music on is again a hurdle to safety. When in a group, it is always a sane decision allowing to drive by the teetotaller or hiring a driver even if it’s a late night. Taking a bus or a cab after drinking can also be helpful.


A car should have several safety equipments to help during emergencies such as resqme key chain, safety belts, air bags, head restraints, dual braking systems, brake lights, shatterproof laminated glass, multi functional car safety tool, fire extinguisher, USB  double in- car charger  etc.

Resqme is a unique tool that has been created to provide safety to drivers from being trapped inside car in case of any emergencies. Fire extinguishers are vital as fire hazards can be a threat to your life as well your properties and a fire outbreak can happen anywhere and anytime. USB chargers are small and instantly converts a cigarette lighter into a useful power point in any car. Multi-functional emergency car safety tool includes a safety hammer for breaking the glass in an emergency, a blade for cutting the seat belt, a flash light for sounding an alert, an emergency charger compass and a mobile phone charger to name a few.

No matter what the reason of partying hard, mixing drinking and driving is always a dangerous idea. The festive season is almost around the corner now, so gear up and plan ahead for your next move safely. Be alert and drive safe after a good enjoyment of partying hard. The thrill must be remembered as a good memory of the party and not of the drunk driving as speed thrills, but speed kills.