Anti-Obesity Day: Time To Think And Take Action


We all understand how it feels when someone says that we are obese. But the fact is more hurting and harmful. Obesity is a chronic disease that has negative effects on many systems in our body. It is not good for health, hence can cause High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Joint Problems, Cancer, metabolic Syndrome etc. On this Anti-Obesity Day, take one step forward in spreading awareness about obesity & what obesity can do to our happily going life.

Anti-Obesity day is celebrated on November 26th, world-over, to create awareness amongst people on how Obesity has become extremely widespread globally, with at least 2.8 million people dying each year because of obesity. Improved lifestyle plays an equally important role in one’s life as changing one’s diet plan.

Obesity is increasing at a disturbing rate throughout the world. The World Health Organization points out that, worldwide, obesity has nearly doubled since 1980 and that 65% of the world’s population now lives in countries where more deaths are due to overweight and obesity than being underweight. Today it is estimated that there are more than 300 million obese people world-wide. Obesity is the growing problem for many countries including India. In fact, India has about 30 million obese people and it is predicted to double in the next 5 years, as per the Obesity Foundation of India (Source: WHO report).

There are various health risks of being overweight:

Heart Diseases

If you are overweight, then the chances are more of having high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Both the conditions are worse for your heart and can cause heart stroke.

Type 2 Diabetes

People who have type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese. Cut your risks of being overweight and you are safe from this life threatening disease. Losing weight and a strict balanced diet makes you free from blood sugar.


Being overweight increases the chances of cancer. Women have a higher risk of suffering from cancer. Regular exercise and taking care of your weight can help you to stay away from this deadly disease.

Skin Infections

Obese and overweight individuals may have skin that folds over on itself. These creased areas can become irritated from the rubbing and sweating, which can lead to skin infections. Take precautions!


Stones!! Yes!! If you are overweight, then certainly you have all the chances of being affected with gallstones. Take useful step to get free from obesity & live a healthy life.

Almonds: Way to stay away from Obesity

Some simple modifications in your daily diet can help you in leading a healthier life. Smart snacking is one such change. A healthy snacking habit goes a long way in improving your overall health. Almonds can be that simple addition to your diet. They are a rich source of vitamin E, fiber, protein, riboflavin and many other important nutrients.

Make your tomorrow healthy by just adding a good amount of Almonds in your diet. Here are some quick tips on incorporating almonds in your healthy diet:

  • Sprinkle slivered and sliced almonds onto your morning cereal
  • Yogurt with crushed almond is a good choice
  • Almonds and salad can be a great combination
  • Want some crunch? Have Almonds
  • Take almonds along with you wherever you are going

So, accept the challenge in overcoming this problem! Learn to take healthy steps for your healthier tomorrow…

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