Are Your Beliefs Sabotaging Your Health?

Stay healthy

The biggest challenge to your progress is not an external person or factor, but you. Your biggest hindrance in achieving targets is your own negative beliefs. Majority of the battles are started and lost in the brain itself. A belief can give you all the strength and courage that is needed to complete a task even if you are not strong or skilled enough to perform it or it can hold you back even if you have all the requisite skills to complete the task at hand.

Negative beliefs can help save us from treacherous situations and keep us away from harm. On the contrary, they can also bind us and limit our thoughts and actions. These may further intensify during stressful conditions. What we think and believe has an impact on many of our daily activities and eventually play an important role in our biggest failures and achievements. Similarly, our beliefs also impact our levels of physical fitness.

Some people while exercising limit their performance by thinking that I am not an athlete and cannot perform well, only athletes have the capability to run so fast or longer distances. Such people limit their capacity to work out better and a chance to become an athlete in future.  If you think you cannot run a mile, you can definitely not. It is all about your beliefs. Sometimes, just believing that you are too tired makes you feel lethargic, even if you can actually do a lot of activities. The beliefs about how your body can perform under different conditions interfere with your health. Positive thoughts will keep you healthy whereas negative beliefs can cause you to fall sick easily.

stay healthy

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In addition to the health, these beliefs can also have an impact on the duration of our lives. They can over time determine how long a person lives. The beliefs not only impact our physical health, buy also our mental well-being and peace of mind. Constant negative thoughts can make a person bad-tempered and depressed. This happens because the person thinks about all the negative things that can happen in a situation or to him.

Another aspect of this is, when a person is diagnosed with a severe ailment, the belief of a person help him a lot in the recovery process. A person who accepts that he is eventually going to die of the ailment often tends to die earlier than a person who beliefs his body has the strength to fight the disease. This is another way in which our beliefs can help us get rid of a disease or make us a victim of it. Those with a stronger will often fight it out.

The reason why we have certain beliefs can be many, like our experiences in the past, the type and quality of education we receive in our life time, certain fears developed over time and the people that surround us, especially those who have a strong impact on our mind. In order to be more positive and use our beliefs for the better, we must first understand the reason behind them and over time get rid of the negative beliefs like I can’t, I am not good enough, I do not deserve to, how can I, I am not capable of etc and turn them to I can, I deserve and I am capable of.

So, it is important that we try to get rid of our negative thoughts and eventually develop a practice of converting them to positive thoughts for the betterment of ourselves and those close to us. If you believe in the beauty of your dreams and you believe in yourself, the world is your oyster.

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