Bathroom Safety for Toddlers


Babies and their mischief! You say the word Bathroom or bath time and you can see your little toddler dancing with joy. Bathrooms and bath time for kids is one of their favorite activities or places. Spending time in their bath tubs playing all their toys is perhaps the most loved activity of kids. But on the other hand, the same activity for parents is most tiring, especially due to the increased alertness in the bathroom. While kids are having fun, parents take care of their safety which is related to bath tub safety and electrical safety. No matter how much you care your kids, there are always cases of children drowning in water while having bath or getting electrocuted by electrical gadgets kept in the bathrooms. This is one reason why parents need to be extra cautious with bathroom safety tips especially when they have their kids enjoying their activities in the bathroom.

Bath tub Safety

Kids love playing in their bath tubs, especially in this hot summer season. But, it is also in the bath tubs that many children and toddlers drown to death or get burnt due to the careless behavior of their parents. You need to take a lot of care of your kids, when you put them in the bath tub. This is one reason why you need to take special care of their safety in the bath tub. Some safety tips that you need to consider include:

  • Check the water temperature (low as 120 degrees F)
  • Make sure you install a anti-scald device. This will keep the water temperature in control.
  • Check the water temperature by touching it before you put your baby into the tub. Remember, the skin of babies is hyperly sensitive. This is one reason why you need to be extra cautious.
  • Don’t keep the soap bars and shampoo near the tub. Keep them on the side of your tub for easy access. Spilling the shampoo and soap can make you slip on the floor, leading to further injuries.
  • Never leave your child unattended in the tub or under the shower. They may drown.
  • Buy non-skid bath mats for your bathroom. This will stop your kids from falling down or getting injured.

Electricity Safety

Bathrooms are one place where we keep a lot of electrical devices such as hair dryers, hair straightening rod, hair trimmers, etc. Kids, out of their curiosity touch and check everything that is within their reach. But, this is very unsafe as they can get electric shocks by touching these instruments. As a result, you need to be extra cautious and follow the given safety tips.

  • Unplug all the electrical appliances after you have used them.
  • Keep the electrical appliances at a height, away from the reach of your kids.
  • Whenever you keep your electrical appliances, make sure they are away from water.

Install a quality ground fault circuit interrupter to keep away from electrical shocks.

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