Bathroom Safety Tips: Make Your Bathroom Friendly for Everyone


The bathroom/s in every home is an area of safety concern. With water, slippery surfaces, electricity switches, glass and gadgets and porcelain sanitary ware present, bathroom accidents present a high risk of serious injuries. So, making every bathroom safe is a must; especially if there are small children or old people at home.

The good news is that your bathroom can become safe with a few simple fixes. Just follow the handy bathroom safety tips below and flush risk from your bathroom:

1.    Electrical Items and Outlets:

Electrical safety at home is a major area of caution and concern. Items like personal grooming appliances can cause deadly electrocution accidents or injuries in bathrooms. As a simple rule, NEVER connect an electrical item near an area where water will be present; i.e. the taps, toilet, sink and shower. If possible, install the electricity outlets in a place which will always be dry. Ensure that everyone wears non-slippery rubber slippers in the bathroom.

As an extra measure of prevention, get a ground-fault circuit interrupter installed by an electrician. It protects against shocks even if water and electricity come in direct contact.

2.    Ensuring a Dry Surface and Feet:
Keep a thick towel or an anti-slip mat at the foot of the bathing area, tub or wash basin. Most bathroom injuries are caused as a result of slipping on wet surface. Keep a handy mop in your bathroom, to wipe off any excess water regularly.

3.    Install Grab Bars: 

Grab Bars - Image from Houston New Homes
Grab bars are ideal to prevent slipping in or around potentially wet areas. They ensure stability and balance to prevent loose footing from turning into an accident. However, care should be taken to never use soap dishes or towel racks as grab bars.

4. Keeping Children Safe:

Keeping Children Safe - Image from Buzzle
a.    The bathroom door should be firmly locked, if there are small children at home. Children are often at the risk of drowning or falling in the bath or toilet areas. Any usage of the bathroom by small children should be under supervision.
b.    Any form of medicine should not be stored in the bathroom medicine cabinet (prescription and over-the-counter).
Otherwise, it should be at a place which is securely out of the child’s reach or hidden.
c.    Accessories like nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, etc. should also be stored away from the sight and reach of children.
d.    Cleaning supplies should not be stored in bathrooms and kept out of children’s reach. Curiosity may attract children to bottles of cleaning liquids or soaps which they may try to ingest. Any poisonous material should be kept locked and away from the sight of children. Child safety locks should be put on cabinets containing such items.

Here are a few products that will make your bathroom safer, especially for children:

Dreambaby F135 Cabinet Glide Lock Extra Long

The Dreambaby F135 Cabinet Glide Lock is simple to use and is effective for securing cabinets, cupboards, drawers and doors. Its hollow, curved design and 21 cm length allow it to fit easily on all knobs and handles and the glide motion locking is simple and quick. It is a great and inexpensive investment to keep children from gaining access to bathroom cupboards.

Dreambaby F123 Toilet Lock


Children are at the risk of toppling over and drowning in western toilets. The Dreambaby F123 Toilet Lock prevents against such incidents by fastening the seat to the main body of the toilet. It’s simple to use and can be used on other surfaces to lock cabinets and drawers as well.

Farlin Bath Mat

Farlin Bath Mat






The greatest risk of a bathroom accident is around the bathing or toilet areas. The Farlin Bath Mat eliminates that risk. The mat has a slip-resistant surface and has suction cups facing the floor to eliminate the risk of slipping on the bathroom surface; towels and ordinary mats do not offer this. A great buy for everyone who uses your bathroom.