Beat The Heat With These 5 Summer Essentials

beat the summer heat

The weather is heating up, summer is almost here and most of you must already be gearing up to make the most of it. From trekking to hiking to running to those beach visits, summer means a host of adventurous activities and spending loads of time outside. But the sun can be quite harsh on us if we’re not properly protected. So, before you head out that door, make sure you have these very important summer essentials.

Water, fruits and juices


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To beat the heat this summer, go the natural way. Nature supplies the needs of human beings in abundance and it is best to make use of them. Water is man’s best-friend during summer. Dryness during summer can easily dehydrate, cause heat cramps and exhaustion if the human body is not properly hydrated. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day or more than that depending upon your requirements, outdoor activities and sweating. According to health specialists, it is best to always carry a water bottle during summer wherever we go and drink up at regular intervals. Lemonade or tender coconuts are said to have excellent cooling effects on the body. Due to excessive sweating, it is possible that the body loses minerals. Seasonal, fresh fruits that are high on water content are also great for the body. In particular, the summer fruits like water melon, musk melon and litchis have over ninety percent water.

Sunscreen – Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry-Touch SunBlock SPF 50+


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The number one must-have during summer is a sunscreen with a good SPF content. The Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sun block has a SPF of over 50 and in addition to superior effective sun protection, it is light, water proof, non-greasy, non-shining, and has a matte finish making it the best choice for wearing everyday and even during workouts.

Shades – AGU Zapalo Glasses


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The heat from the sun and the humidity can lead to your eyes becoming void of moisture resulting in tired, red eyes. The ozone hole and the resulting high intensity ultra violet rays can make long-term exposure lead to a number of infections and eye diseases. To prevent dark circles and eye bags, experts recommend that the eyes must be protected using broad rimmed shades that offer maximum protection from UV rays like polarized photochromatic lens. The AGU Zapalo glasses are soft, stable, non-allergenic, and comfortable and offer 100% percent protection from the harmful UV rays.

Lip Balm – VLCC Daily protect Strawberry Lip Balm with SPF 15

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The layer of skin over the lip is very thin and your lips need care too to protect itself against the sun. Moisturize your lips to protect from dryness and kiss goodbye to chapped, broken and dark lips with a good lip balm with SPF. The VLCC daily protect strawberry lip balm with SPF 15 is similar to a lipstick and contains vitamin E and almond oil that helps in protecting from sun’s UV rays and against the wind and heat and keeps your lips moisturized for long time.

Mosquito Repellent – Mosbito Mosquito Repellent

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Mosquitoes have a way of sneaking into your house as much as you try to keep them away and in addition to causing sleepless nights, mosquitoes carry with them the risk of causing many diseases including malaria, dengue and chikungunya. And to protect yourself mosquito repellents are a necessity and to choose one that won’t harm you is crucial. Mosbito mosquito repellents come in patches and are easy and safe to use.

There you have it. Enjoy this summer without the heat getting to you.

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