Do you know the benefits of eating Guava ?


Guava is a fruit that is commonly found in Asia and also available in the West. This fruit has a creamy texture and is hard when unripe and softens as it ripens. If  you love guava then you are in safe hands and if you don’t then you should definitely read this post and we are going to talk about the number of health benefits that this fruit has. Guava contains a good amount of Vitamin  C & A and also vitamin K ,E and B2 . The fruit also has, potassium ,calcium, phosphorus copper, fiber, folate, iron and manganese.

Benefits of Guava fruit and its leaves


Diabetes Control

Guava has a rich fiber content and low glycemic index that make this fruit beneficial for diabetic people. The fiber helps control sugar levels and  the low glycemic index constrains a sudden increase in sugar levels. It is better to eat 1 to 2 guavas without the peel to maintain the blood sugar level . Drinking guava leaf tea is helpful for those who might develop diabetes

GuavaImage Source:Nutribullet Recipes

Immunity Booster

A good immune system is essential to keep diseases at bay. Guava surely acts as an immunity booster as it contains a high content of Vitamin C . You can keep away from flu, cough and cold if you make it  a habit to have one guava a day . You can eat the fruit as is or blend it in a smoothie or  a salad and even drink the guava leaves tea.

Oral Hygiene and Health

Guava leaves have anti-plaque properties that are beneficial in the treatment and prevention of oral problems. As the leaves have anti-inflammatory properties it can be used to cure swollen gums,  toothaches and even mouth ulcers. Simply chew 1-2 soft guava leaves every day to maintain good oral health .

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Good for the Heart

The fruit is high in vitamin C , fiber and potassium and hence it can assist in controlling blood lipids and blood pressure and maintaining a stable heartbeat Those who regularly eat guava also minimize the risk of getting any cardiovascular disease.

A Healthy and Improved Digestive System

Guava has a good amount of fiber that helps in maintaining bowel movements and also prevent constipation .The leaves also aid in preventing and controlling diarrhea

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Say Yes to this fruit for Weight Loss

This fruit contains minerals and vitamins and only 37 calories per fruit , so it is a great fruit to have for a weight loss regime unlike some other fruits that contain more calories.

An Anti -Cancer Fruit

The fruit has a high level of anti-oxidants that help in preventing cancer. A study has found that oil of the guava leaf was far more effective in stopping the growth of cancer cells than some cancer medicines .

So if haven’t yet eaten this wonder fruit , then go for it now as it is loaded with nutrients and health benefits . Say yes to a healthier and happier you.