Biggest Influencer: The Mother

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Every second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day globally. The day we tell her how grateful we are to have her in our life. But isn’t every day a celebration of the beautiful creation of God that Mothers are. Being a mother is a commitment of eternal responsibility of the children as well as the family. Mothers do their best to nurture the children with high morals values and best health care. However, sometimes hygiene as an issue is less attended to. So here are five essential hygiene tips for you which can be helpful for your tiny tot as well.
  1. Peeing etiquettes: It is important for mothers to teach their kids proper peeing etiquettes and follow themselves too. Children must be taught to pee in the pot and not sprinkle around it. One other major issue is of holding it in, fearing unhygienic public toilets. Make sure that the toilet seat surface is clean by sanitising it. You can also use a good Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray such as Pee Safe.
  2. Nail Cleanliness: Children must have well-trimmed nails to avoid spreading of any kind of infections. They should be specifically cleaned while washing hands even if trimmed. For mothers who keep long nails should make sure that their nails are clean and moisturised.
  3. Use hand sanitizers: Many times, it is not possible to wash hands with water and soap before eating or applying makeup. Therefore, make sure you carry a sanitizer with you all the time to avoid such issues. Also, teach your children to use a sanitizer whenever it is not possible to wash hands with water and soap.
  4. Sleeping hours: While mothers make sure that their children take appropriate sleep it is also important to ensure that they have a proper daily routine. This way their sleeping hours are fixed and rest of the time they can be at their best. Also, mothers should take proper care of their sleeping hours as well.
  5. Itchiness in the intimate area: The uninvited itchiness in intimate areas become an issue causing discomfort and irritation. It goes for mothers as well as for children. It is important to keep the area clean and dry. Also make sure that intimate wears are not tight. Regular care through intimate washes can also be used by women.
Good personal hygiene and care are essential to living a healthy lifestyle. Many times, children end up learning hygiene precautions from their mother. So, this Mother’s Day make sure that you follow proper hygiene routine so that your children can learn the same from you. These easy and simple hygiene tips would also protect you and your children from falling sick. A good personal hygiene also makes you feel good about your selves. Also, here is the link to awesome photo book “I Need to Pee” – fun way through which you can entertain as well as teach your kid. <link> Celebrate Mother’s Day with all the warmth and care.
Happy Mother’s Day !