Blogger Review – PeeSafe


Pee SafeWe love it when we get to read about bloggers reviewing our products. Here is the review of the super successful PeeSafe that is quickly becoming a must have everywhere you go. 

Ladies what do you hate about traveling or staying out of home for long??? For me its using public toilets. I just hate using toilets outside my home.  It’s scary to catch an infection too.

But here is a great product to my rescue, Pee safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer. It looks like a perfume bottle and can be carried everywhere. I have been using the product for one week at home so here is my take on the product. Before that let’s see what the company claims:

Offers complete sanitization and kills 99.9& of the germs and bacteria that are commonly found on the toilet seat in public restrooms. While this handy can should be used by everyone who would use a public restroom, we would recommend this to be used by women, kids over 5 years old and patients who are bed-ridden with a dependency of a bed pan to reduce the chances of an infection.

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