Camping Essentials That Make Your Trip Comfortable


While the idea of camping is exhilarating and provides an adrenaline rush, it is not for those who are ‘unprepared’.  Before going on a camping trip, it is essential to plan even for the unexpected, which sometimes could creep up and threaten your survival. It’s just a common sense to understand the destination, weather conditions and the dangers involved.  Equally crucial is to know the kind of clothing, camping and survival techniques and the different camping gear you would need. Wherever you choose to camp, there are some items that qualify as the 5 camping essentials.

Everyone would need these:

Fire starters and tools

Carry with you at all times a sharp knife, small axe, box of tinder shavings, a candle, waterproof matches and or flint.  There is no way to know when the weather changes and if you are not carrying stuff that will keep you warm and allow you to cook – it could prove disastrous.

Shelter Provisions

The most basic would be a waterproof sleeping bag, a blanket and a waterproof tarpaulin. These will keep you warm and dry allowing for a restful night’s sleep that is so crucial to being alert and energetic during the day.  You can also use the knife or axe mentioned to cut leafy branches off trees for a makeshift night shelter.

Water and Food Rations

Carrying large steel flasks with water before you start out is indispensable to a comfortable camping trip.  However to counter unexpected events that could deplete your supplies, ensure that you carry things like water purification tablets and or other water treatment kits.  In addition to water, ensure that you have extra supplies of packaged food, fruits, vegetables and biscuits and crackers. Each person must carry their own supplies in waterproof backpacks.

Communication and Navigation Provisions

Getting lost on a camping trip can unnerve the most experienced camper. Ensure that you carry signal flares and mirrors, cell phones with solar chargers and an extra set of batteries.  Learn how to use a compass and map before going camping and carry them with you, as they prove invaluable to understand directions and location.  Remember to let someone know where you would be camping and also have emergency help numbers handy.

Medical Kit

Changes in temperature, stress, insect bites and plant stings – all these can cause severe distress and unless you are prepared with an essential first aid kit, you could find yourself in harm’s way.  It is highly advisable to carry painkillers, disinfectants and creams in addition to bandages, gauze and cotton rolls.

Camping may be something you indulge in regularly but one can never be prepared enough for what one might encounter.  Apart from all the essentials mentioned a survival and camping guide will provide you with the expertise you would need when faced with unforeseen circumstances and events.

Being prepared is the best way to enjoy the many pleasures of camping – the great outdoors, discovering the secrets of nature and having fun in a way that city life can never afford.

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