Car Safety Tips For New Drivers

new drivers

Every year we see a number of cases related to car accidents in the news papers and across the other news sources. Some accidents are caused due to rash driving while many others occur under the effect of drugs (a common reason of accidents, especially amongst the teens). However, whether you drive your car with extra safety or not, you cannot judge how and when others drive into you, causing an unexpected accident. Thus, in order to ensure your safety while driving a car, it is most important that you know the best safety tips, especially when you are a novice. Follow these tips here and ensure that you keep them in your mind when driving your car. After all, it’s your safety that is of most importance.

  1. Buckle yourself before you start your car

Being a novice, you may end up jerking your car or bringing it to a halt suddenly in between the roads. In order to ensure you don’t suffer from injuries from such incidents, make sure you buckle yourself before starting your car.

Also, when you check the accident cases, you will see most drivers getting hurt only because they never wore their seat belts. So, when you are driving your car, make sure you buckle yourself carefully.

  1. In case you are driving along with your kids, put them into their car seats.

Driving with children in your car is never easy. With the kids making noise, fighting with each other or simply jumping up over you, you can loose your focus from the road and might meet with an accident. Thus, it is best that you buckle your kids in their car seats or simply buckle them up in the back seat. This will stop from diverting your mind and avoid an unwanted accident.

  1. Never drive and talk on your phone at the same time

One another reason for accidents is your phone. In most countries, driving while talking on your phone is considered a crime. You lose your vision and focus from driving and can meet with a fatal accident, risking your life as well as many other people on the roads. This is one reason why a lot of new apps and systems are now made available these days that allow your to drive your car without holding your phone in hand. You can simply use any of these apps and gadgets to avoid an accident and also not missing your important calls.

  1. Never drive when tired

Driving your car when tired is not a very good thing to do. You may fall asleep while driving and further lead to an accident. In such cases, simply park your car and take some rest in your back seat. Remember to always carry your small travel pillow and eye mask.

  1. Use the side mirrors and rear view mirrors before changing lanes

Before changing lanes, make sure you use the car mirrors to check the ongoing traffic. Keep these mirrors clean and remember to use them.

  1. Drive within the speed limit

Keep a check on the speed meter whenever you drive your car. This will help you not to exceed the speed limit and never meet with an accident. Also, remember that speed may thrill, but it also kills. So, be sure to drive at a low speed.

  1. Get the car serviced and tires checked

In order to avoid accidents due to not serviced engine and tire conditions, you should get your car serviced regularly. Also make sure that you check the oil leakages which may cause brake failure.

  1. Use a sticker to caution other drivers

Being a novice, it is essential that you caution other people driving their vehicles around you. Remember to stick a Learner’s sign or a Caution board on the backside mirror of your car. This will help other drivers to keep a distance from you and also avoid accidents.

  1. Always keep an emergency car safety kit in your car

Remember to carry a car safety tool kit in your car. This kit is extremely helpful, especially during emergency situations when you get locked inside of your car. The kit helps you to break the window and get out of the car easily.

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