Fire Extinguishers : Must Have for Every Place

Fire Extinguisher

Ceasefire Red 300 x 300 pxFire hazards are the most dangerous, not only to people, but also the property. A fire hazard can happen anytime and anywhere, negligence being one of the major causes of it. While your property can be rebuilt and replaced, a lost life cannot be replaced. A fire hazard is something that no one should neglect.

Experts recommend that a fire extinguisher should be one of the must-have safety equipment’s at your home and your workplace to combat any kind of fire outages that may occur and ensure complete protection. The ceasefire extinguisher helps you manage and keep under control small fires* that can get out of hand.

This eco-friendly gas based extinguisher is a perfect option for residential and official premises. It is suggested that you have at least one extinguisher for every floor level for complete protection. The fire extinguisher is designed to combat any fire you are likely to encounter in your home or workplace. It can help combat fires that include normal combustibles like wood and paper, liquid combustibles like cooking oil or gasoline and electrical fires. Investing in a fire extinguisher can prove to be an invaluable tool not only your property, but also your life in case of a fire.

Note*: The pressure gauge is an indicator of this charge. As long as pressure gauge needle is in the green zone, the extinguisher will function. It is important that you get the equipment serviced regularly even if not in use.

How to use a fire extinguisher

  • Pull the pin
  • Aim the extinguisher or the nozzle of the extinguisher at the base of the fire
  • Squeeze the handle and release the extinguishing agent
  • Sweep the extinguisher from side to side, aiming at the base of the fire till you can extinguish the flames

Price and availability

Priced at INR 2500, this 500 gms this Ceasefire fire extinguisher is a must have to protect your living spaces. The same variant of the fire extinguisher with the capacity of 1 kg is available at INR 3950.

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