Is my child absolutely safe in school? Time to step in


The recent incident at a reputed school in Greater Noida where a seven year old lost her life after getting injured during a karate competition has again shocked everyone . My heart goes out to the parents of the child who would never have thought that the life of their champion daughter would end so soon . But who is to blame here ? The parents have filed a case against the school as this was a result of sheer negligence by the school .Even after their daughter complained of a head-ache after her match , the school ignored and delayed the process of taking her to the hospital .The investigations are on currently and hope the truth comes out soon .

Being a mother of a 9 year old , all this really worries me and I’m sure all the other parents must be worried too . I completely agree that accidents can happen anywhere , even at school but the key is how capable are we to handle such emergency situations ? Any injury or incident however big or small should never be ignored and proper steps should be taken to handle the same . It is about time that we educate our children to handle such emergencies to avoid a terrible outcome . 


SPEAKING UP : It is very important for the child to voice out any concern however small it maybe to the teacher or any person closest at that point in time . An injury or a behavior issue should be highlighted immediately .Train your wards to do so to avoid any major issues .

BEHAVIOUR CONTROL: A lot times accidents in school happen due to unruly behavior of kids . Though there are teachers to handle the same in school , as parents it is our responsibility to take care and control our child’s behavior if he /she has such issues . Ignoring their behavior or not accepting the fact is an absolute no-no as it may lead to serious implications later .

SCHOOL SAFETY AUDITS: School safety audits are imperative but sadly are ignored . A school may have the best of the facilities but also have certain loopholes in terms of safety and situation handling .These would never come to light if regular safety audits are not conducted . As parents , you can demand the same from the school as it is the responsibility of the school to provide a safe and secured environment to the students

SAFETY TOOLS & GADGETS : Safety first , safety always . All schools should be equipped with safety gadgets and tools like fire alarms, smoke alarms ,first-aid kits , corner guards and finger guards , cctv cameras and many such devices . Before choosing the school for your ward , it is always beneficial to take some time out to find out if the school has all these gadgets in place and in working condition . You can also suggest the school authorities to install them if not done already.

TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN: Yes this one is one of the most important tip. Be involved with your kids and just talk to them . You should be approachable to your children at all times so that can share with you anything that might be bothering them in school . Be it someone bullying them , hitting them or  making them uncomfortable in any which way . You can’t expect your child to handle everything , you have to help them out too .Help create a safe haven for your child both at home and in school .


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