Child Safety:The Need Of The Hour


As parents we are bound to get bothered and worried about the safety of our children whether they are at home or at school or out playing with their friends. I call myself a ‘helicopter mom’ as I’m almost hovering over my daughter almost all day whenever I’m with her. But now my little one, who is not so little anymore as per her, she is 8 now, doesn’t want to be ‘spied’ on all the time .Yes, children at this age need some privacy too, atleast that’s what she tell me and this makes me worry more as keeping my little one safe all the time is imperative for me and I’m sure for most of as well .So what can we do to make sure that our children are secure and away from any danger? I know it is next to impossible to keep them 100% safe as they are bound to get hurt physically some time or the other but we can ensure that we do the best we can to provide overall safety and the first step would be to educate our children regarding the same .

Educating our children on the basic safety rules & norms

Yes, it is essential that we start with them first. Children from the age of 3 start understanding the basic stuff so it is a good idea to set some basic safety rules for them. Make learning fun for them or rather explain to them the way they would understand. I still remember, when my daughter was around 3 , she loved to color , so  used to draw or take print outs of drawings that would explain a few very basic safety rules like never run on the road , play alone in the park or touch any electric switch . She loved coloring them and also used to ask me a lot of questions regarding it. I was glad that she was enjoying as well as learning. You can also take the help of a safety comic and coloring books that are available in the market today. They are not only engaging but also educate children between the age group of 3-10 years to keep themselves safe.

Invest in Safety Gadgets

Well, if you can install some gadgets for the safety of your children, then it is an added advantage. There are loads of them available these days like child monitors and trackers, child-safe mobile phones, corner and finger guards, grills, cctv cameras, safety sockets smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and many more. Choose the as per your requirement and budget. These gadgets are surely a step towards ensuring child safety. It is imperative for the school also to take necessary steps to try and make their premises accident-free. Installing door blocks, corner and finger guards should be a must especially in play schools and day care centres where finger entrapment injuries might occur. As parents, we should also suggest the same to the school so that necessary steps are taken by management.

Safety audits in schools

Our children spend a considerable amount of their time in school and this is a place which should be safe and completely secure as it houses many children. Accidents in schools especially with younger children are on the rise and something must be done regarding the same. School safety audits should be made compulsory for all schools to keep a check on the safety measures being taken by the school. The schools can also come forward and get themselves audited by a third party and not wait for the government to make it mandatory. On the other hand the parents too should insist the schools to get these audits conducted regularly so that such accidents are minimized. Safe and secure common school areas result are possible when there is a comprehensive process to continuously plan, implement, and evaluate the safety and security of the entire school. Safety audits cover all the aspects essential for keeping students and the staff members safe at school.

Child safety is truly the need of the hour both and home and school. We should work together in creating a safe and secure environment for our children as much as possible and educating the children is the first and most important step towards the same.

There is nothing more precious to a parent than a child, and nothing more important to our future than the safety of all our children.”