Children are great imitators: Teach them the right values


Do not educate your child to be rich .Educate her to happy .So that when she grows up , she’ll know the value of things , not the price .

It was a beautiful Monday morning and my daughter and I were all geared up for the new day of a brand new week . We left home and sat in the car and I started the car and gosh it did not start . I did not lose my cool and tried a few more times but in vain ….that’s when I got worried .Worried because we would get late for both school and office and also that my little girl would be hassled as well as she would have to travel buy an auto as that would be easiest means of transportation available . With all these thoughts in my mind I decided to try one last time as I was about to start the car I prayed to lord that it does and viola it did! I was almost I tears by then ,yes I am an over emotional person and I couldn’t thank God enough for this miracle. I had almost given up hope as my car had been giving me some trouble for some time around now . I could see a big smile on my daughter’s face and that truly made me smile too.

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As we drove towards our first destination ,her school , I recollected  the thoughts that I had when the car was almost dead . The thought of my vehicle breaking down bothered me like crazy , but why? There are so many people who go through various adversities almost daily . May be I felt bothered because my child would have to bear the brunt of the same . But then shouldn’t I as mother prepare my child to face difficult and not-s-o-comfortable situations in life ? Life is not always a bed of roses and children should be taught the right way to handle tough situations. I realized that my reaction at that point of time so not totally correct and I could have handled the situation more positively .

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Children are great followers and they copy their parents actions to the T , so if you panic , they panic as well . Being a hands on single parent I decided to speak with my daughter about this and how she should learn to value things , handle tough circumstances and not take everything for granted. I also learned that by only talking to her would not help as a child picks up more what she sees , so I should also behave in a similar way that I want her to behave and react . A tough but not an impossible thing to do . There is nothing more satisfying for parent then seeing the child become a good human being . To become a good human one must be taught values that would help them and others in the long run . Honesty, respect , courtesy , generosity , humility ,responsibility , care, love  seem to big words but all these values are very important and should be a part of the child’s upbringing. They say adults with no values means that they were raised differently . If you want your children to learn these values effectively then as a parent it is your responsibility to  display these values first. Young children learn more by what they see and not what they hear . Avoid contradicting what you are teaching your child .


The correct set of values would help your child  handle peer pressure or the temptation to follow  everyone and everything around . As a parent you need to decide the best way to teach these values so that your child is ready to handle any situation that he/she would have to face in the present or the future .

“When your values are clear ,making decisions becomes easier”- Roy E Disney