Children Safety in School Buses

School Buses

With the ever changing world, today’s schools are trying to provide children with exposure in every field. Many schools having large campus are located at certain distance from the city or areas which are not easily accessible by everyone, which results in a large amount of time spent on travelling. Many parents don’t have the time or the resources to travel long distances to drop their children to school which makes them opt for school buses.

Since a lot of time is spent by the students in the buses their safety should be a top priority. Emergency contact details are helpful but before any help arises the first aid kit is averse a catastrophe. A first aid kit is a must for the buses as an accident can occur any time.

The first aid kit should contain things like adhesive strips which are used to hold the bandage on the wound firmly. A first aid kit should contain a few essential items including cotton rolls, tape, bandaid, bandage, cream, thermometer, scissors, hand sanitizer, antiseptic lotion, distilled water, cough syrup, antiseptic powder, safety pins, cloth strips, etc.


Bandage compressors can be used to support the cover on the wound and also directly on the wound. A gauze pad is used for compressing the wound basically for guarding and absorbing the blood and eye pas for which are softer for any eye injuries that are highly absorbent. First aid tape rolls and bandages should always be present because one can never trust children for taking care of themselves!

CRP masks which are easily portable can be used on patients who are suspected of spinal cord injury. Scissors, pad and markers are a must in the first aid box . Lastly, exam gloves to be used which administrate the wound all the time. It helps in prevention of germs and worsening the wound any further.

The first aid box must be placed in the bus in a place which is easily accessible by the conductor and the students all the time. The driver and conductor should be trained in addressing the common injuries occurring in the school buses. Children should also maintain decorum in the bus so that the driver does not get distracted.

Keeping calm and under control is the ultimate aid that every student needs to know during any kind of accidents or emergencies. A school kid must be kept under thorough guidance of the school bus conductor inside the bus or at every halt.

#Be safe…Save world!!

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Author: Ananya Singh