Choose & Use Your Pepper Spray Effectively

Self Defense for women

Protecting womanhood is the biggest concern now-a-days. By the increase in the crime rate against women, people are more aware and inclined towards educating self- defence techniques to every women, children and daughters. Pepper sprays are one of the legal ways to be safe. It’s the most effective & reliable way to counterattack the assailant and escape. However, no matter which method you choose for self-defence, the underlying thing is how you use it.

Self Defense

How to judge a pepper spray?
Keep following points in mind while you buy a pepper spray:

  • Always check the expiration date of the product. The average shelf life of pepper spray is about 2-3 year.
  • Covers up shooting range of about 6’ to 20’.
  • Always check with your applicable state laws.
  • Must test the spray outside after purchase atleast once a year.


Use Pepper Spray Effectively
Carrying a pepper spray won’t do any good to you until you know how to use it effectively. A pepper spray is similar to a can of hair spray. However, there are different types of pepper sprays that work either with either index finger or thumb. Choose the one that you feel comfortable using.

Next tip. Never hold the pepper spray in front of you. This could let the attacker snatch it from your hand. Hold the pepper spray close to you at a distance from the assailant. The moment you shoot, do not turn away your eyes from him. You might be tempted to close your eyes to protect them from the potential effect of the spray. Spraying for about 2-3 sec is enough to disable the attacker. Do not hesitate to start another round if required. Aim the attacker while spraying either on face or by using “fan technique”. This will provide a wider coverage. As the spray shows its visible effects, quickly find way to escape, leaving the attacker, coughing, chocking, and hunching on ground.

Stay safe and protected while keeping in mind all the applicable state laws.