Choose Your Backpack Wisely


Thought of hiking or camping during upcoming break, so plan ahead and convert your thoughts into decisions. Each adventure has its own set of environments, hiking needs rough terrains while camping needs plain grounds. Rapelling needs huge rocks, carabineers and ropes and same would be required for rock climbing. BUT every adventure seeker wishes and needs a good and comfortable backpack.
The selection for the perfect backpack can be equated to selecting a life partner, because the backpack will either make your life dreamy sweet or difficult as hell.
While planning ahead for hiking, you must record that convenience and personal comfort is really important. You actually need to think about how much weight you can comfortably carry. The type of trip you are going on and how long you are going to be outside are the factors in choosing a good backpack. The weight and size of the backpack is decided according to the length of your trip, your own height & carrying capacity as well as the mode of transport. Unless you select a good backpack, it is useless moving out, as your entire mood of the trip depends on your ease and comfort.
The size, shape and color are factors which play an important role in helping you choose the best backpack amongst many. Size of the backpack depends on your body weight and capacity to carry. Structure of the backpack is the most vital aspect, as it should suit your body structure, the terrain as well as the endurance that is required for the trip. Color could be a factor which most may not consider as important. Bright fluorescent colors are preferred by many as it is easier to locate, or keep track of team mates and groups. Survivors of mishaps have been known to use their bags for getting attention of rescue operators. If you are going to be part of Survival or Military based camping activities, you may even prefer going in for a camouflage pattern in bags.
Weight of the kit plays vital as different sized bags manage certain weights in a better and easier way. Many backpacks have built in water packs and a tube to facilitate drinking. A few bags have special inner and outer pockets to fit in your contents. Outer Pockets are mostly used for items that have to be accessible to you for emergencies, so that you do not have to dig inside your backpack for the vital stuff.
Backpacks or rucksacks are used for hiking and generally preferred to city bags for carrying heavy luggage.
These often have four categories:

1.External Frame bags are spacious, and its straps have multiple positions helps in fitting to your body. It also has a sleeping bag compartment and top loading access. Many external frame backpacks come with special protective compartments for Cameras, Laptops, etc like Pelican ProGear Backpacks. High Altitude Mountaineering requires External Frame Backpacks, as the environment is really hostile and other kinds may not survive the trip.

2.Internal Frame bags are adjustable for a more comfortable fit. It has a sleeping bag compartment too. These are lighter and are to be used for lighter adventure sport activities, for short trips. They have lesser capacity than External Frame Backpacks. They generally come with Snow-Sheets and Rain Covers.

3.Frameless rucksacks employ designs to reduce sagging of the pack’s backpanel, thus transferring more weight to the hipbelt. Frameless packs lack the self-sufficient support of an internal frame. These are really useful for non-hostile trekking camps, long trips abroad, etc. These have a very good capacity as well as durability.

4.Bodypacks have molded back panel, removable rain cover and comfortable contoured shoulder straps. Simple shoulder straps will do for lighter loads but for heavier loads go for curved, broader and more padded shoulder straps that prevent the straps from cutting into your shoulders.

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Deciding on the kind of Backpack to buy depends on the terrain, nature of activity, as well as themes of trip. Mountaineering trips have different backpack needs when compared to city travel, and both of them are totally different from Jungle Camping.

Now that we have finalized the perfect backpack for you, you have to decide a lot many other things. First decide on your destination, travel partner, lodging, itinerary and lot more. Just plan ahead, decide on the partner that you will have on all your trips, your backpack.

You can always ping us at kunal@safetykart to get personalized suggestions, and we would love to help you decide. We are also listing further reading list for you, to help you decide on other aspects of travelling.