Choosing An Ideal Woman’s Backpack


A woman traveler! It may sound a surprise to you but women love to travel around the world, trek, camp and do every bit of adventure activities like men. But, when it comes to preparing for an adventure trip, a woman’s needs are different and she rightly has to make sure that her backpack is designed for her, her stature and her needs. Thus, it gets important that women choose their backpack wisely, not compromising with their varying needs with the backpacks available for men.

Choosing a backpack based on your needs is a very challenging task, especially when it is for a woman. However, in order to help you enjoy your adventure activities, here are a few points that we thought you should know before you buy a good backpack. So, here are the tips and make sure you keep them in mind for a profitable purchase.

– Backpack style

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that there is a huge variety of backpacks available in the market. These styles are based on your needs, such as short distance/ long distance, overnight trips, week-long or weekend trips, hiking and high mileage trips, geographical variation based backpacks, etc.

Also, apart from these basic styles there are also backpacks that are designed for Leisure and Weight. The ones made for leisure are used for short distance travelling. It is ideal for overnight treks and smaller trips.

The light weight backpacks are perfect for travelers who travel a long distance and have issues with the weight of the backpack.

– Size and fitting

The backpacks are available in varying sizes and fittings. It is just that you need to know about them and find a good brand that offers you the various sizes and fittings. Measure the length of your torso. Remember, it is not your height. Use a flexible measure tape and make a rough estimation. The length of your torso will help you determine the size of the backpack you should buy.

Once you have chosen the size, it is important that you then wear it on your back to see its physical fitting around your body. Remember that the waist band should be positioned right across your waist or else you will feel it extremely uncomfortable to carry during your adventurous trip.

– Women based Features

A woman based backpack design is all that she really needs for her trekking. A woman’s backpack is designed to fit her body-frame more snugly. They are available in varying colors, sizes and features based on the gender specification. These are shorter at the torso with narrower shoulders and waist belts.

– Support and Design

The support, design and suspension of a backpack is directly related to its fitting and comfort. Backpacks are made with an internal frame with the help of a lightweight metal. they have good ventilation and a design that repositions its weight, making it easier for the woman traveler to carry it with her, easily. There are also certain backpacks that are available with a curved back, which is designed based on the natural curve of our backs. The shoulder pads are also an essential feature in the support and design of the back. Make sure that the shoulder pads are soft, supportive and comfortable for you.

-Minute Details

Once you have checked through the various features, remember to check the minor details such as the pockets (number, shape and size), Hydration pocket or compatibility, gear loops for holding on your trekking gears and rain cover.

With these points covered, you should be good to purchase a nice backpack for your adventure trips! Happy Travelling!

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