Choosing The Right Breast Pump

Breast Pump

Choosing the right breast pump

Breast pumps are used when women need to store the feed for the baby. These are ideal for working women who are ready to get back to work. A breast pump allows you to store the feed so that your little one can still avail the benefit of drinking the mother’s milk even when you are not around.

Breast pumps are ideal not just for working mothers, but also for those who are ready to wean their little one or if a mother is under medication and in a case where breastfeeding is not possible.

Even before you decide to buy a breast pump, you need to be aware of the variety of breast pumps that are available in the market. We recommend that you do look up all the pros and cons of using a breast pump before you decide to pick one up.

There are three kinds of breast pumps that are available in the market, manual, battery operated and electric varieties.

What are Manual Pumps?

Manual breast pumps  are those that come with a squeeze handle and it operates in such a way that it allows you to create suction so that the milk can be emptied from your breast. Most of the manual breast pumps are extremely light weight, easy to operate as well as easy to carry around. Since these do not make a noise, you can express milk anywhere and anytime in a discreet manner.

A manual breast pump empties only one breast at a time and it involves the use of both the hands for the pumping purpose and this can be not just time consuming, but also very exhausting. A manual pump is suitable for those who need to use a breast pump occasionally.

Battery-Operated Pumps

Most battery operated breast pumps are hand held and this is another model suited for those women who need to use a breast pump occasionally. The good part about these pumps is that these are portable and the bad part is that it takes a longer time to express milk. Also you need to constantly change batteries in this pump which can turn out to be expensive in the long run.

Electric Pumps

Most electric breast pumps that are available in the market come with a single or a double pumping capability. A double electronic pump allows you to express the milk from both the breasts at one time making you invest lesser time.  There is a variety of new designs available in the market and most of the breast pumps come with an option to store milk. The single electronic options are also easy to use, but the only hitch is that they are time consuming because they express milk only from one breast at a time.

SafetyKart has a variety of options available for the mothers out there that can help them choose the right breast pump they are looking for.

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