Coming Back Home Safe – Safety Tips For Your Teen Daughter


When your daughter is in her teens, you as a mother need to understand that she should now be strong enough to live in a somewhat independent way. This is the time you have to make your daughter share few points which will assure her safety. At this age, teenage girls love having night-outs, late night movies, late night parties etc. This is the time that they feel like they no more need adult supervision and can lead their life of their own. Unaware of the frightening circumstances awaiting them, it is a must for parents to put forth the harsh reality of life. The story of the unsafe society we live in and how we can keep our teen daughters safe at night. So, before your teen is attacked or finds her surrounded by problems, it is your duty as a mother, as a parent to teach your daughter about the best safety tips, especially when alone at nights.

It Is Must To Carry a Mobile Phone

The cell phones are of utmost importance in the case of emergencies. If at all something gets fishy, ask your teenager to call upon the emergency numbers such as you or the cops and ask for the aid. Also tell them to share the cell numbers of the friends accompanying with them.

Ask Them To Roam In A Group

It is always on the numbers. The more the better! If there are many friends moving out together then the chances of people harassing is less. And if they move with 2-3 people there are chances that people bothering them will be more. It is always good to stay in a group and then move out at night.

Avoid Alcohol And Weed

It is always responsibility of parents to assure that children avoid drinking and smoking up weed. The age is not correct until they turn an adult they might have the liberty to do so, else they must always avoid it. This might lead you to some severe accident as being teen you do not know to handle yourself as you are out of your own control.

Do Not Interact With Strangers

There might be instances wherein strangers would provoke you by passing on lame comments. You must always avoid the moment and pass by as if you do not get bother.

Must Never Get Into The Car With Strangers

You should avoid taking unnecessary, so called friendly conversations with strangers. If at all someone starts following you and ask you to get inside the car, you must strictly avoid and must not pay heed to it. There are the chances of you as a girl to get raped and molested as well.

Trust Your Intuitions

You have to be aware about your intuitions. If you find something making you uncomfortable and uneasy then it is the time you trust your inner signals. This can always save you from getting into dangers.

Author- Aditi Patel, Sub Editor, Women Planet

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