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Wildcraft Backpacks

The monsoon is here, and there is no better season to travel around for nature enthusiasts. The tender spray of fresh rain water on your face is one of the most chilling experiences one should have in his life. Only factor that kills the joy of the monsoon tour is the chances of your stuff getting wet. That’s why you need the backpacks from Wildcraft that provides full protection of your stuff when you hit the roads on a rainy day.

Wildcraft Passport Pouch

passport pouch

When travelling abroad, the most important thing that one should care about is the passport. Damaging the passport is not a good idea at all. The passport pouch from Wildcraft provides best protection for your passport. There is enough room to keep enough documents and other things like that. Yet, the pouch is very compact and easy to use. The grey and black design is classy and I must say that it complements the rainy season. This elegant pouch will take away all the troubles of getting your passport and other important documents damaged. So it is recommended that every international traveller should own one.

Wildcraft Travel Pouch

Wildcraft Travel Pouch

A pouch is very useful for the travellers in most cases. The idea of pouches is that you don’t have to dig your backpack again and again to takeout the stuff that you can use often. The pouch is used to keep the essentials and frequently used tools for a faster access. The Wildcraft travel pouch is truly something extra ordinary. The black and grey colour tone goes on with the clouds and the rain. It is recommended for the minimalists who don’t always want to carry a backpack everywhere they go.

Wildcraft Cross Red Travel Pouch

cross red travel pouch

The thing about the monsoon destinations is that there is a high amount of risk involved. Be it a gorgeous waterfall or a beautiful river; in the monsoon season, things can get real bad. That is why one should always keep a portable first aid kit everywhere he or she goes. The Wildcraft cross red travel pouch is the best you can have for keeping the first aid medicines and other stuff. The cherry red pouch with a white cross catches everyone’s eyes and are easily utilised in case of an emergency.

Wildcraft Travellers Kit

travellers kit

Traveller’s kits are to keep the necessary tools and other stuff like maps and compass separate from the backpack as they might be needed more often and it is pretty inconvenient to have your backpack opened and closed every time you want a small tool or the map. The wildcraft traveller’s kit is simple but elegant in design. It is as compact as it can get. But it does not compromise on the capacity. It is very useful on your next monsoon trip.

Wildcraft Waist Pouch Bar Blue

waist pouch bar

If you find it frustrating and inconvenient to carry a pouch in your hand while you explore, then the wildcraft waist pouch bar is just for you. All you have to do is put your essentials in the waist pouch and wear it around your waist. The combinations of black and blue stripes are definitely fancy looking and promises style wherever you go.

Wildcraft Waist Pouch Bar Pink

Waist pouch

Pink is the most adored color by the girls all over the world. They fancy buying stuff that is painted pink. The waist pouch bar from wildcraft is also available in Pink for the girls who are looking to have fun this monsoon. It is comfortable to wear and keeps your essentials safely.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your backpack and get ready to go off the trail.

Bon Voyage!!

This post was first published in August 2015

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