Cycle Marathon Raises Health Awareness


Recently, I participated on a road bicycle marathon that was organised by the society where I am putting up. It was conducted in order to promote awareness on importance of regular exercises and staying healthy. As we all know outdoor sports or exertion is beneficial to health as compared to indoor physical activities. Thus, it is essentially required to do exercises five times a week or engage in work out activities on a regular basis. The theme of the marathon was ‘Stay Healthy Stay Happy‘. Marathons are conducted by groups, societies or individuals either for a cause or for leisure. Be it any, try to make the most out of it!


Fresh air in the morning drenches you with new spirit that keeps you active all throughout the day. Cycle marathon was organised early morning where all age groups enthusiastically participated. School kids, college students, working men, housewives, physical trainers and many others covered the distance that was destined.  This marathon was divided into groups of men and women each in the same time slot but had different routes to cover. The slow riders were précised to move in the beginning followed by the fast riders.

It was a great fun to start the day with a hopeful spirit of winning the race. There was an unbounded joy that covered almost everyone that I could notice that morning. Level of competition added on to the urge of wellness. The entire destination that had to be covered was around eight kilometres and en route was from highway covering up street roads to woods.

The cycle tour took almost around 40 minutes to reach the final spot that was won by three men. Since it was morning hours in winters, perspiration could not come out of our bodies. Everybody was too excited to enjoy the marathon hence, exhaustion was minimally felt.


Road cycle race needs to be done carefully as there are safety tips that should be followed by all. Barring the general traffic rules that must be followed, there are personal safety products that could be used like bicycle helmets, jackets, flashlights, gloves, pollution masks which help in covering body and provides safety against injuries, accidents, cold, pollution etc.

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This marathon filled us with zeal and pleasure of adventure as well as made us active for a lifetime. I have hence, decided to keep myself healthy and strong by following a good exercise regime that would surely include cycling at least thrice a week.


Cycling keeps our body fit and strong. Body muscles and ligaments get stretched that functions well in blood circulation. It provides leisure mixed with adventure that also adds thrill and fun to this activity. Cycling is a good outdoor sport that can be done on any weather conditions easily. It keeps body healthy at any age. Little children must be taught cycling so that they could make it a habit as an exercise and also avoid personal vehicles that are causes of road accidents, pollution and traffic. Cycling does not use any fuel hence keeps the environment clean which allows you to breathe in fresh air and stay healthy.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up yourself with cycling helmet and peddle down the streets.

Cycling #safety!!

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