Is Depression Knocking on your Door?


In this 21st century, when we look around we find that everywhere people are suffering from depression. They are sad, stressed out, have aversion to activity and an overwhelming feeling of sadness. So what does it mean to be depressed and are you at risk for depression?

Depression is a mental state of illness where the person has a low mood, is filled with negativity, feels lonely and isolated. Depressed people are found to be sad, anxious, feel helpless, worthless and dejected. It can affect people of all ages, profession, caste, races, socio-economic class and gender. Fortunately, this illness has comprehensive treatments and cure.

In order to avail the best treatment, you must also know the factors which will put you in risk of going into a depressed state. It will not only allow you to reach out for better treatment in advance but also will allow you to help another person; come out of this state of illness.

  • Major Life Event: Losing a loved one, losing your job, financial problems, getting a divorce are major life events which leads to depression. Events such as child abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, peer pressure or bullying can also lead a negative and depressed state of mind. Such events often leave a scar which stays with a person forever.
  • Medications: Depression can also arise as side effects of certain medications. Steroids, blood pressure medications, painkillers or sleeping pills are few such medications which can lead to the state of being depressed. Hence if you are taking any such medication then you must consult your doctor and share your concern. In many cases, substance abuse or drugs are also responsible for this state of health.
  • Biochemical Factors: Low level of neurotransmitters in the brain is believed to be a cause which increases the chance of depression. These neurotransmitters help in the communication between the brain and the body. Low levels of norepinephrine and dopamine will make you vulnerable to this illness.
  • Genetic Factor: Depression is a byproduct of genes or life experiences. If there is a history of such illness in your family then it is very likely that you can also run into the state of being depressed.
  • Psychological Factors: Certain psychological factors put people at risk of going into depression. People who think negative about themselves and carries an air of pessimism are prone to such mental disorders.


These are the major factors which might increase your odds of going into depression. But since it is curable you can always go for the best treatment available. At times there is no need for medication; love from near and dear ones and creating a positive ambiance will work wonders in case of such illness. It is such a mental condition; that it becomes incomprehensible at times. Hence it is always advised that you maintain a healthy life in order to stay away from depression. If you know someone who is suffering from depression then help, assist him/her and make sure that he/she gets the best possible treatment.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!!!

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