Did You Know? Ice Creams Are Healthy!

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It’s creamy, it’s chilled, it’s tasty and it makes you scream – it’s an ice scream. You scream, I scream, we all scream for an ice cream! But now it’s time to scream louder, because it’s proven – ice creams are healthy!

Health critics have constantly reminded us of how unhealthy eating an ice cream could be for your diet. But did you know that ice creams are actually healthy for you? Here are some health benefits of the ice cream that you so cannot stay away from!

Supplier of Essential Nutrients

Despite those ingredients that actually make you stop and think, ice cream is not the unhealthiest food.  Ice cream acts a dietary source and provides our body with essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, the very important A, C, D, E, K & B vitamins and potassium. A dietary allowance recommendation of a half cup serving for adults provides ten percent of calcium and phosphorus.

Reduces the risk of Heart attack or Stroke

Did you ever think that along with lifting your mood, ice cream also gets your heart pumping? According to a recent study, consumption of chocolate ice cream, a little each day, reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke. The natural flavonoids present in the cocoa have been found to decrease arterial inflammation. Now, don’t make this an excuse to eat excessive amounts each day because the calorie content is still high. Quantity is the key.

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Acts as a good source of Energy

In general, the ice cream can act as a good source of energy even though different brands have different nutritional content. The rich carbohydrate content with about fifteen grams of carbohydrate in a scoop, fat and protein makes it very dense for energy. According to experts in U.S Agricultural Department, half a cup of Vanilla ice cream provides about twice the amount energy as in half a cup of whole milk.

Activates Brain Cells

Thrombotonin, a hormone present in the brain responsible for happiness is stimulated by ice cream. The stimulation of the hormone helps people relax and help in reducing the stress levels in the body. The L-triptophane present in milk helps relax the nervous system and is great for prevention of insomnia as it acts as a natural tranquilizer.

Helps in weight loss

According to a study in American journal of clinical Nutrition, eating at least a serving of full-fat dairy products including ice cream resulted in women gaining lesser weight compared to those who didn’t eat. A scoop or half a cup of ice-cream can help in weight loss.

As the Greek saying goes, “Everything in Moderation” is the highlight when it comes to eating ice cream. Ice creams do have these fantastic health benefits but only when taken in the right quantity because remember ice cream still has a lot of calories. So before you decide to eat a full tub remember quantity matters.

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