Disinfect Your Immediate Environment Instantly!

toilet seat sanitizer

Thank the gods you do not have superpowers. Why would you NOT want such a thing?? Which superpower would you prefer? Super-hearing? Nice. Ability to fly? Awesome! Superzoom? Oh my. If you had this one, it would be more of a curse than a boon. Imagine the ability to zoom upto 30,000 times. What would you see? Microbes, everywhere from your table to your hands, purse, steering wheel, the wall, floors, fan – any surface you can think of! Viruses and bacteria, crawling, eating, proliferating at break neck speed. The environment today is an allergic’s nightmare, an asthmatic’s worst fear come to life. How do you safeguard your health in such a situation?

Be healthy with just a spray                                                                                    

You can never trust how clean your WC may be. Research has found that even toilets that look spanking clean have at least 30% of the microbes still clinging to the surface, which can multiply in a matter of hours. In fact the average restroom has more than 40,000 germs clinging to it per square inch! Your safest bet in such a situation is Peesafe- a revolutionary new sanitizing spray guaranteed to kill 99.99% of the germs on the surface where it is sprayed.

Made from a skin friendly yet potent microbicidal IPA formulation, Peesafe desanitizes the toilet seat within a matter of seconds. Just spray it on, wait for 5 seconds, wipe the seat off and your seat is totally clean. What’s more, it also doubles up as a deodorizer, sparing you the nausea as well! The spray dries up instantly and leaves no residue, so you can be assured of not contaminating your seat with the very stuff that is used to disinfect it. This also makes it child safe.

To doubly insure prevention of exposure to any residual germs, spray it on faucets and door knobs as well. This revolutionary product is of critical importance to women, who are always at a risk of contracting urinary tract infections. So for all the ladies out there, we would love to say- “each one, keep one”.