This Diwali spare a thought for the less fortunate


Diwali is just 2 days away , the pre-Diwali parties , card parties ,beautifying homes ,buying gifts ,all is in full swing . The festivities is quite evident and most of us are busy with doing the best we can for ourselves and our loved ones and business associates . The other day I was there at a relative’s place for  Diwali get together and some of them decided to play cards . Since I don’t like playing cards and more so don’t know how to play the game I decided to be a silent spectator. The stakes slowly started to build up after each game and looking at the amount of money that was being spent for this  a thought struck me . These few thousands for the privileged would mean much for the less unfortunate . Most of us don’t even think twice before spending as we have been lucky to get such a life .

Well, I am also a partner to this, what if I don’t play cards , I have spent money on the other stuff , yes not loads of it , but some for sure ..maybe in buying stuff I don’t really need or gifting those who already have loads. But what to do, I need to follow the Diwali tradition …the pressure is immense . So what is it that we can do to help those in need especially in the festive season .

Gift your support staff : By support staff I mean your house or office helps, drivers, guards and maids . I always ask my house-help what she needs . If she asks for cash I give her that else whatever she asks for which is in my budget. This time she asked for a mixer-grinder so gave her that.

DiwaliImage Source: The Logical Indian

Buy from the roadside vendors : The streets are lined up with these ‘banjajras’ who are seller beautiful earthen decorative items for Diwali . From gorgeous pots to beautiful Lakshmi-ganesha idols and diyas. Please buy from them instead of shopping from malls or stores . You can really contribute in helping them and most important try not bargain unless they quite exorbitant prices

diwaliImage Source:Whispering CorridorWhispering Corridor

Distribute goodies for those on the streets:  Every day we see so many beggars on the streets and many are small children . Stack your car with small goodie bags that has some daily needs stuff  like biscuits, toothpaste, soap and some sweets . distribute them on your way to work or shopping and see the smiles around. You can choose the number on the basis of your spending power

diwaliImage source: Little Miss Goodie

Sponsor a meal :  Food is the most essential thing for the needy and there is not greater blessing if you can sponsor a lunch or dinner for some of them. Currently ,there are a few joints that make these food boxes that are not too heavy on the pocket . A friend of sponsored such a meal to about 50 children and the happiness in their eyes and her eyes was very evident .

diwali Image Source: Coconuts Media

I am sure there many more ways to spread the joy and happiness around , I have just listed a few of them that I have done this Diwali trust I really feel  happy and privileged that I could  contribute , even though no to a great extent but as per my capability .

“Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven.”–Henry Ward