Do Not Panic During Fire Outbreak!!

fire safety

Do you panic if fire catches around you? Obviously it is scary and when fire extinguishers prove to be of our great help.

There are ways through which you can save and protect yourself as well as your dear ones with no sign of injury. If there are kids, they must be evacuated as soon as possible. With the best possible evacuation plans, everyone must be alert and careful to find the way out.

Calling the fire brigade, evacuating the area nearby fire outbreak, using fire extinguisher with adequate information on using it becomes very important.

This image describes that instead of panicking, we need to stay calm and work on extinguishing it as fast as possible.

fire extinguisher

So, hope this image helps you in controlling your fear and panic on fire. Once you control your fear, you are bound to overcome the situation easily.

Illustrations by: Bhavya