Do You Treat Your Hair The Right Way?

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How many times have indulged in conversation that includes ‘the woman who has the best hair ever’? It seems like everyone but you have shiny, bouncy, full and healthy hair and all this without any effort. What are they doing right or what am I doing wrong? I can see you smile as you read this since these thoughts have crossed your mind at least once. Admit it. The fact is that those lustrous locks don’t come easy and if you are not kind to your ‘crowning glory’, it will show after a while. Right from the cleansing to the styling routine everything will impact the health of your hair. Treat your hair right to keep it looking awesome and luxurious.

Damaging Your Hair

We have heard these often but continue to ignore them. They sound clichéd and the reaction is ‘I know’ and yet we persist with treating our hair with the utmost disregard. The result is short term good looks but long term and permanent damage to our tresses.

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  • Chemically straightening or curling your hair is a process that breaks the hair on the inside, reforming them differently to the original formation of your hair. This weakens the basic structure making them weak and susceptible to damage.
  • Removing the natural colouration of your hair or bleaching works on the follicles – this means that you are affecting the very base and making the hair weak. Combined with heat treatments, really damages your hair leaving it prone to breakage and also looking dull and lack-lustre.
  • Dyeing, colouring and getting highlights – frequent use of these treatments can also cause dryness and rob the hair of its natural sheen
  • Starting with temporary damage, flat ironing and curling are heat treatments that can cause permanent damage to the hair when used frequently. The high temperature breaks down the hydrogen bonds that hold the hair together and regular exposure to these treatments will lead to hair breakage, hair-fall and lustreless locks.
  • Combing or brushing wet hair will cause serious hair damage as it is weakest and most fragile when wet. Hair should be allowed to dry naturally before combing or brushing.
  • Tight hairstyles that include pulled back ponytails and taut braids will cause hair to break and recede from the front hairline.
  • While you like to have neat and tidy hair, over-combing or excessively brushing your hair results in breakage and unsightly split ends. Invest in good quality hairbrushes to make sure your lovely locks don’t entangle in the bristles which could lead to further hair fall.
  • With such a large number of shampoo brands in the market, companies are constantly enticing customers. Cleansing the hair, removing excess oil and cleaning the scalp are the main reasons to shampoo the hair, however overdoing it can strip your hair of its natural moisture and oils that keep the hair healthy.
  • Washing your hair frequently and vigorously are also major malefactors for your hair. The hair cuticle – which is the outermost layer a strand, can be broken leaving your hair vulnerable to damage.

It is up to you to protect your hair not just from harsh weather conditions but also from the factors mentioned. While there is nothing you can do to alter the weather, you can refrain from subjecting your hair to torture by these artificial methods.

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