Driving in the Millennium City


Yes we have really progressed in the last few years . We have moved from a city that hardly had any buildings and traffic to the one that is packed with cars, autos and  2 wheelers  and  high-rise condominiums almost everywhere . But where are we when it comes to basic road sense while driving ? As per my experience ..it is in a mess and one faces this almost every day while and more if you happen to me a woman behind the wheel .Sharing my experience as a woman driving daily to work or for other chores .

Once on the road traffic may come from any direction ..anytime  from anywhere
You may get hit by an auto , a cycle , a bus, a truck, people or the holy cow from the opposite direction .Red lights are considered to be non-functioning even if they are functioning .They say that we follow the traffic light rule a little differently here .Green-Go ,Yellow-Go faster ,Red-Go fastest.
You would be honked  and stared at for  actually following the traffic rules and when you try and raise your voice against rule breakers The holy cow would be fed by the religious right in the middle of a busy road without caring a damn about the traffic .Honking is the birth right for most people behind the wheels especially if they are driving  a big machine like an SUV . Your hatchback stands no chance of being considered a vehicle even .Verbal abuses are a must while driving ..else you won’t reach your destination safely And to top it all is you are a woman driver ..you would be stared at , laughed at …….the drama continues . It is actually very worrisome to see such sad state-of-affairs on the road . People hardly care about the rules and regulations and there is no fear of the law .Even those who are following these rules or want to make an effort to follow them are discouraged by their fellow riders and friends .

I still remember a few days back , I stopped at the red light and was waiting for it to go green before I could move . This car behind went on honking repeatedly so that he could jump the red light. He was so impatient that I too lost my cool and stepped out of my car to speak to him. This man very casually has a blatant reply “This is India, no one follows rues here , so why are you wasting your and my time ,just move .” I answered him that I do follow them and I ain’t moving and went back and sat in the car and with a few seconds the light turned green. This smart man then overtook me and then purposely started driving slowly right ahead of my car and did not give way to move ahead .Little did he know that I had reached my destination . Such people truly should be barred from driving and their license should be cancelled . If only we could have stricter laws and police so that people would think twice before acting funny and callous while driving . I don’t know what happiness or sense of achievement do these rule-breakers get. It’s about time a sense of responsibility prevails amongst everyone on the road .

At times I feel that it would be a good idea if I keep some safety products like pepper spray  with me ,just in case I need to use them. However with such an hectic schedule at home and work it at times becomes impossible to go the market and shop for everything . But the good news is that e-commerce is on the roll these day are and it is very easy to find safety products online. Safety truly is the need of the hour , whether for those on the road or elsewhere . There are companies like SafetyKart that have a shopping for safety products online. So now I don’t need to worry about getting the pepper spray or the car rescue device I always wanted . It is readily available on this site and I can easily shop of safety products online which I’m sure would be a hassle-free experience .


Thankfully I did not require any rescue device today and  I survived my drive to work yet again today … fingers crossed on my journey back.