Drowsy Driving Prevention Tips !


Driving, for most of us is fun!! But not when you have a long road to travel and feeling drowsy as hell!! Yawning and looking ahead on the road is something that is surely not good for your health or precisely your life! You put a lot on risk when you drive in your drowsiness. Even a small distance may seem like the longest distance you have driven. Driving after a long working day, lack of rest, a tired mind and body, all make your feel drowsy, and when you drive, you feel all the way more tired, straining your eyes and mind to its peak. One small mistake and you can end up in an accident or on your way to heaven! So, if you really want to live a beautiful life and prevent drowsy driving, here are a few tips that might just help you to drive safely.

Facts About Drowsy Driving

– Drowsy Driving leads to 100,000 car accidents every year causing about 12.5 billion deaths in an year.

– According to another study, 16.5 % of these accidents are caused due to tired drivers.

Sleep deprivation and a tired body leads to microsleep periods which can last for a few seconds, no matter what work you do at that point. You may fall asleep while driving or while working, etc. So, follow these tips closely and prevent drowsy driving for your longer and better life!

Tips Before Going On The Road

– Get a proper sleep

Before you go on a long drive, make sure you sleep well. Take a long sleep so that you wake up fresh before leaving for your journey. An average 7 to 9 hours of sleep should work just fine for you. Sleeping for less than 6 hours can cause you to stay tired or make your feel drowsy.

– Choose a co-pilot

When you are going on a long drive, make sure you have company, especially a co-pilot who can talk to you and keep you entertained throughout you journey, not letting you feel drowsy for even a second. When you drive with a co-pilot they can easily read the signs of fatigue and can prevent you from meeting with an accident.

They can also help you stay alert, especially when there are cattle or bumps on the road, which you may have missed due to your fatigue.

– Never Drink and Drive

Never combine the two, drinks and driving, as it will only alleviate your level of tiredness in you. It only makes the situation more risky. So, even if you have just a little bit of alcohol, don't risk your life by driving the way back. Drink, Drive and Drowsiness, make a perfect killer when combined.

Tips While Driving On The Road

– Plan regular stops

When you drive on the road, make sure that you take regular breaks and rest. Never drive long hours at a stretch. Take time to freshen up and get energetic. If needed, take breaks every 100 miles for a while.

– Take a proper nap if needed

If you find your drowsiness rule over your body, take a break, park your car near a gas station and sleep for a while. Even a 15 minute small nap can help you get refreshed and drive your way with ease.

– Drink Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, drink atleast 2 cups of coffee when you are driving after a hectic day. Caffeine definitely helps in keeping your awake. It takes almost 30 minutes for the caffeine to get into your blood stream.

So, with these points enjoy your long drives without drowsiness or any risk of accidents.

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This blog was first published on Dec 4, 2015

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