Earthquake Safety Tips – Being Prepared And Safe Always


Can you ever predict a natural disaster? We all, know the answer for sure. Man, in today’s time, may have designed instruments and devices that can help us get knowledge about the weather, the planetary movements, etc. but there is no such device created that can tell you about a natural disaster that will occur in our near future. There is no device that can help us stay prepared and save lives from the wrath of nature.

Just as we felt Mother Nature showing us her power and supremacy over our technology, with the Earthquake that shook Nepal and parts of India, all we can now think of is to stay prepared and safe during a quake. With over 150 people already dead and several hundreds injured, we can use knowledge and a few special precautionary steps to increase our chances of staying safe.

Preparing Before an Earthquake

As mentioned earlier, there are no devices that can help you know about a coming quake. But with the help of knowledge about earthquakes and tips from experts, you can surely try and stay safe during a quake. Here are points that will help you prepare mentally for an earthquake.

  • Always read about tips and points that can help you to escape the earthquake without getting hurt. You should know about these tips before an earthquake hits you. There is no point learning about this when you are actually hit by a strong quake.
  • Share the information with your friends and families. This will help you save more number of people around you. Read and learn about these following things:
  1. What actions to take when you are hit by an earthquake?
  2. What are the safest places to avoid injuries?
  3. What places you should avoid during a quake?
  • Always have a good stock of emergency supplies which you may need after a quake. The list of products you should have in your emergency kit should include: Battery operated radio, flashlights, First Aid Kit, blankets, your medical supplies, water and cooking gas.
  • When arranging your home (in regular conditions) arrange things keeping in mind the possibility and safety tips for an earthquake. Keep heavy objects on the lower shelves and all breakable objects in a cupboard or showcase with a latch. Also, place the mirror and pictures away a from the place where people usually sit.
  • Always anchor heavier appliances such as furnaces, water heaters and stoves.
  • Keep flammable liquid away form your stove or furnaces.
  • Remember to turn off your water, gas and electricity sources when not in use. This habit will help you stay safe from electric short circuits caused during a quake.

Safety Tips During An Earthquake

  • When you are indoors don’t rush to run out. Instead, stay inside and simply find a safer location inside for instance, a strong table, a desk, etc. don’t opt for places which have hanging objects such as large mirrors, hanging objects, heavy furniture, fireplaces, etc.
  • In case you are cooking, quickly turn off your gas and move to a safer location outside your kitchen.
  • In case you are outside, avoid staying close to trees or buildings. Instead, move to an open area which has nothing that can strike you.
  • If you feel the earthquake while driving your car, slow down and stop your car on the road side. Never stop your car under trees, boards, bridges or power lines.

Safety Tips after an Earthquake

  • Now that the sudden earthquake is gone, check your health and injuries. Don’t panic and look for people around you who may need your help.
  • In case your building has been damaged, slowly come out of it and go back home once the building has been inspected by a professional.
  • Smell your surroundings for gas leakages. In case of gas leakage, rush people outside into the open and safely turn off the gas meter or any other electrical appliance around.
  • Unplug all your electronic devices and keep them away from the edge to prevent their fall from an after shock.