Eat Better To Work Smarter!

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Are you working in your firm or in a multinational business? Are you working in 24*7 shifts or day night outdoors? Be it whatever, you need to know the importance of health. Since our early childhood, we have been hearing-Health is wealth. So true! without health, wealth in null. Eating is vital to stay fit and manage the work pressure both physically as well as mentally.

Often we get irritated or frustrated during our work culture, if somebody disagrees with our thoughts, we tend to lose our temper. But is this a right form of working smart? Absolutely not! Stay calm and quiet unless it is not that necessary to prove yourself right even at a miniscule level.

Working women or young ladies undergo a fight from anaemia in major parts of the country. Being anaemic and untimely work and food regime affects their menstrual cycle. In long term, this might cause disorders in your body. Therefore, its time to take care of yourself.

Here I tell you about those 5 should intakes if you are working and moreover if you wanna be at the next higher rank.

Gallons of liquid:

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Yeah! Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Water, energy fluids or fruit pulp juice is necessary as they keep your body hydrated, strong and away from fatigue. Drinking water should not have any specific time or condition. Taking little sip of fluid throughout the day helps a lot in staying fit.



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These are lentils, broccoli, chickpeas, beans, nuts, grams that contain immense nutritional values that improves your immune system and also can be your companion during hunger pangs.

Fruits/ dry fruits:

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It is recommended by dieticians to inculcate habit of taking fruits instead of juice. Fruits contain fibres that help in blood purification. Similarly dry fruits provide stamina and help in improving weakness as well as exhaustion during and after work.



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If you are a veggie, no issues, eggs can be taken by anybody. One egg a day keeps doctors away. Likewise, fish contains calcium, iron and potassium which revitalizes your skin and body. You must include these in your meals.



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Having milk and pulses everyday keeps you strong and healthy, away from diseases. Having milk after dinner gives you sound sleep. Different pulses bring variant in delicacy as well as allow you to fight away diseases.

Follow a diet plan to stay healthy especially if you need to work smarter!!

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