Elderly Incontinence – Treat With Care And Patience

elderly incontinence

In a world obsessed with looking good and ‘getting younger’ it is not shocking anymore when old parents and elders in the family are treated shabbily and sometimes cruelly.  Age brings along its share of illness and disabilities and unless they are treated with care and patience, these ‘pillars of a family’ will collapse sooner than they should. Apart from the normal ageing process, there are certain illnesses that could grip the elderly and incontinence is one of them. Not considered to be a normal condition of ageing, the elderly are extremely susceptible to it. Elderly incontinence is brought about by a number of causes and most of them can be treated successfully or at least brought under control.

  • Infections in the urinary tract
  • Obesity
  • Inability to move around
  • Progressive degeneration of the nervous system due to stroke, Parkinsons or other neurological disorders
  • High sugar levels
  • Respiratory ailments leading to continuous coughing
  • Some types of medication

Treat with Care, Patience and Love                                

Understandably elderly incontinence can be very embarrassing for the person suffering from it. Family members and caretakers must remember this fact and also know that this condition is curable and if not can very easily be managed. Ensure that the person affected is taken to see a doctor and discuss at length the possible treatment and products that can be used for the patient. Before meeting a doctor, it is often recommended to keep a ‘schedule’ of patterns, time of day and number of times that bladder control is lost.  It is also important to note any change in behaviour and demeanour of the person prior to losing bladder control.  Make a note also of the amount of fluids being consumed by the patient and also whether eating habits and patterns have changed.  Also closely observe whether the number of times that bladder control is lost has been increasing and whether there is a particular event or change you can connect with the incontinent occurrences.  Do not forget to inform the doctor of other medications being regularly taken by the person suffering from incontinence. Above all, remember that this elderly person once cared for you and others – they deserve it much more now.

care for your elders

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Products to Manage Elderly Incontinence

Absorbent pads

These are worn inside the underwear and disallow any urine from leaking.  They work on the same principle of baby nappies, repelling and drawing the urine away from the pads surface allowing the skin to remain dry.  These are easy to use and discreet saving the elderly person from embarrassment.

Adult diapers or pull up

These diapers are especially helpful for a more serious condition and are extremely useful for patients suffering from urinary and faecal incontinence. Easy to wear and remove, they can be used in for bed-ridden patients.

Disposable bed spreads

These are useful for bed bound patients and those with double incontinence and save the bed sheet from getting soiled. They are disposable and can be easily removed and replaced.

There are also a number of products separate for both genders and can be used with ease and unnoticeably.  Elderly incontinence is not an easy problem to deal with but the sure-shot method of dealing with it is treating the person with respect, love and dignity. It’s harder on them than you – believe me.

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