Enjoy Camping And Hiking With The Best Equipments


The long summer days always call for fun and activities, especially like camping and hiking to the beautiful green mountains and river-sides. Sitting by the camp fire at night, preparing for barbeques, singing songs and hiking to the beautiful natural landscapes is something that comes first into our minds when we talk about summer camping. And so, you need to make sure that you are well equipped for a fun filled time with your friends and family. Cross check with this list of essentials that you need to carry for enjoying your camping and hiking sessions.

For Camping

  • Tents

The most important of all, carry a good quality tent with you to make sure you sleep well and safe at night after a long day of camping and hiking. Choose a compact, waterproof and frameless tent for a quick and easy set up. In case you are trekking towards the jungle terrain, you need to make sure that you choose a waterproof hammock.

  • Sleeping Bag

Snuggle and sleep well at night with a quality sleeping bag. The bag needs to be compact, comfortable and well insulated to protect you from the ground.

  • Back pack

Choose a Backpack that you will be comfortable with during your camping and hiking sessions. The backpack should be light weight and easy to carry. Also carry extra dry bags with you to pack your used clothes, undergarments etc.

  • Water Purifying

If you wish to enjoy your camping without being affected by infections and diseases, make sure you carry a good quality water purifier or purifying system with you. Using purifying tablets, microfilter straws, etc. help you to drink your water with ease and without any contamination. Purification tablets are also an option you should consider.

  • Insect repellent

During camping and hiking sessions, carrying a strong insect repellent is a must. You can simply be infected by some of the most dangerous insects while camping or sleeping at night. Apply the insect repellent cream or spray all over your body to prevent bites.

  • First Aid Kit

Carrying a first aid kit is a must. Make sure you include bandages, cold compress pack, tapes, antiseptic creams, pain killers, sterile wipes, rash creams, etc. for treating your unexpected injuries.

For Hiking

  • Binoculars

Carry a good pair of binoculars with you,especially if you love bird watching and animal watching during your camping trips. Choose ones with night visions to see animals at night.

  • Hydration Pack

Apart from a simple water purifier, remember to carry with you a hydration pack that you can carry with ease.

  • GPS

During hiking, if you wish to head first, remember to carry a GPS with you. Usually, you have a GPS in your mobile or smartphones, but with the power restriction, it is a must to carry a different GPS with you to your hiking trips.

  • Waterproof boots

Remember to wear only waterproof boots during your camping and hiking trips, even if you are camping during the summer season. You may accidentally get wet in the river or by a sudden rain in the terrain. Waterproof boots will keep you safe in all conditions.

  • Emergency Kit

Finally, being prepared for all emergency situations is always a great thing to do. Keep an emergency kit in your bag for all those scary and accidental conditions. The kit should include matches, lighter, first aid kit, a swiss knife, flashlights and extra power outlets to keep your phone charged.

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