Enjoying A Glowing Teenage Skin With The Right Skin Care Tips


Being a teenager, you are always looking upfront to your changing body hormones, the changing body shape and certainly your changing skin. The skin of a teenager is very sensitive and needs proper care especially if you want your skin to breathe free, free from pimples, free from blackheads and free from excessive oily skin. However, its not always easy to take care of your skin. Without a proper skin care regime, you may end up having a clogged skin with dead skin cells, blackheads, white heads and the most scary of all, pimples. So, if you want an acne free skin that glows with health, here is a small skin care schedule you might love following.

Start with a proper skin analysis

Analyze your skin type and done make it your experiment platform for all new cosmetic products and brands.

Oily skin: Does your skin get oily within 1 hour of a wash? Does it have severe breakouts all over? If yes, then you have a sensitive oily skin.

Normal Skin: Does your skin stay fresh and non-oily even hours after a wash? You have no breakouts except for skin reactions or allergies. If yes, then you have a normal skin type.

Dry Skin: Does your skin get extremely dry after a wash? Does it look damaged and aged than your real age? If yes, then you have a dry skin.

Based on your skin type, choose an appropriate face wash and body wash or soap. Choose very carefully and prefer natural herbal products over chemical infused skin care products.

Choosing products based on your skin type will only help you enhance the look and feel of your skin. It will nurture your skin, keep it soft and supple. A wrong face wash or body wash will simply disturb the oil balance in your skin making go very dry or very oily.

Now that you know about your skin type, choose the right face wash, body wash or soap. Also remember to choose a perfect skin lightening cream for making your skin glow with health.

Choosing a Face wash: With the market swarming with a huge number of skin care brands and products, it gets important that you choose the best face wash for your teenage skin. Choose a face wash that balances the oil in your skin.

  • If you have an oily skin, choose a herbal face wash made for specially oily skin. This will help avoid clogging of pores and also possibilities of acne.
  • If you have a normal skin, choose any dermatologist approved face wash that suits your skin care requirements. This will help keep your skin clear and also protected.
  • If you have a dry skin, choose a oil control face wash that doesn’t remove the required oil from your skin. Removing the needed oil from your skin can affect your teenage skin, adding wrinkles to your naive skin.

Choosing a Body wash: If you thought that acne only occurs on your face, you are wrong. You can also have acne on your back and also on your neck. Thus, apart form choosing just a good face wash is not enough. You need a good body wash as well that takes care of your complete body’s skin. This will help your skin glow all over your body.

Choosing a skin cream: Once you have cleansed your skin with an appropriate body wash, choose a good skin care cream that will help nourish your skin from deep within. This is essential especially when you want to preserve the softness of your teen skin.

Choosing a Sunscreen: Now that you have nourished your skin, protect it with a little Sunscreen that is just strong enough to protect your skin from the harsh weather and the sun rays.

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