Enjoying Freedom – Women Safety Tips


Do women safety issues concern you when you are out alone on the streets of your own hometown? Do you feel scared walking on the streets alone, fearing that you may just be invaded by a stalker who may zero you from a person to just a statistical number on a news channel?

The reality is that women all across the world fear for their lives. In some corner of their heart, they know that they are never safe and can be attacked by some intruder you may be familiar to or a total stranger. In such cases, the safety of a woman is entirely in her own hands. So, here are a few basic tips that you can follow to ensure your safety where ever you go. Remember to keep these points in mind and you can ensure that you will be able to escape the plot safely.

  1. Awareness

Always be aware of every place you go. Don’t trust people blindly. Remember to look around and make sure that you check out people and their different behavior around you. If you see people staring at you or trying to make physical contact with you, choose to stay with people you trust instead of going alone. According to reports, criminal minded people attack only when their victim is alone and unaware of the sudden attack.

  1. Believe in your Sixth Sense

Do you believe in your sixth sense? If you don’t, well you better do. Believe it or not, but your gut feeling tells you in advance that something is wrong or something around you is not in sync. So, you need to know to trust your feelings, our instincts and then stay aware of your surroundings. Avoid going to places you don’t feel like going. Don’t talk to people you don’t know.

  1. Train yourself with basic Self-Defense tricks

Self defense is important for everyone but you should never under-estimate the person against you. Remember, always show your self- defense skills only when you think it is necessary. Surprise your attacker with your self-defense skills when he is not expecting it at all. Such moves help you escape from the scene safely rather than being beaten up or being forced upon.

  1. Check the Escape route

The best tip to come out of an attack is looking for an escape route. No matter where you go, always look for an escape route which will help you run away and not get into problems. Whether you are going in a car to an unknown place, look for signs that help you reach a known place or a place that is surrounded by a lot of people.

Shout, ask for help and also seek the attention of people around you so that your attacker gets scared and runs away from the scene.

  1. Fight if you have to

Fighting for your life is a right. However, make sure you try to avoid the situation as much as possible. It doesn’t quite matter whether you have a self-defense training or not, but when you face a real situation of rape, stalking or molestation, your mind goes blank and you have no idea how to fight or use your fighting skills for self-defense.

  1. Stay prepared

Always carry self-defense gadgets with you, especially a pepper-spray which can save you from you attacker. However, make sure that you have good quality pepper spray which has a lasting effect on your attacker. There are a few pepper sprays that have no effect on attackers. Thus, it is a must that you choose a pepper spray and keep it ready for use in your bag.

  1. Fight invasions wisely

When attacked, never get tensed or lose your wisdom. Stay calm and think wisely of how you can avoid this situation and get off it.

A combination of all these points can help you stay safe wherever you go. Remember that your safety is in your own hands. Stay calm Stay wise and Stay Safe!!

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