Ensure Your Camera Is Protected!

camera protection

It is rightly said that memories fade but pictures don’t. Everything becomes vividly memorable with lovely pictures that bind us to that particular time forever. Camera has been an essential gadget not only for travel geeks but for every individual, youth or professional photographers. Photography is an art that makes you fall in love once you begin clicking for the perfect image with a perfect camera. Wildlife photography is very common these days amongst the youth.  They are inclined towards nature and want to capture each step of life with a well organised and a good camera.


A decade ago, there was a wide range of use for compact digital cameras but now the trend has shifted to more focussed and clear images. This is possible only with SLRs and DSLRs. One of the advantages with digital photography is that you can see the picture immediately after you press the shutter release. Some cameras have instant preview too that helps in giving out an idea about the image taken. SLRs and DSLRs have much larger image sensors than most compact cameras which allow them to be more sensitive to light. This means images have better picture quality at higher sensitivity.

Small cameras are easier to take along trips than big, heavy ones. But some people find it difficult to hold and access small sized cameras. The main difference between expensive professional DSLR cameras and the newer versions is the build quality. These are meant to withstand knocks, scrapes and weather, which makes them heavier and bigger.

There is an increased shift from compact cameras to DSLRs because of reasons like increase in per household income, hence demand increases, thus lesser sale in smaller cameras. Some click images as pursuit of passion in life, some prefer doing as assignments in corporate sectors or competitions in colleges and groups. The basic advantage of DSLRs is that you can control the shutter speed and aperture settings. This allows you to have a creative control over clicking on images. Removable lenses and external flash also prove to be helpful in more components than basic cameras.

camera case

Camera safety

After you invest a huge amount in large cameras you need to know to keep it safe too. Also, when you are out on a trip, you need to consider your location minutely. You should protect your cameras according to the size and keep it safe from dust, water, chemical effluents,  damages and other harmful effects.

There are a number of types of camera cases and covers. Smaller cameras are mostly protected with covers whereas the larger ones are secured through cases. Pelican cases have everything you need to keep your equipment safe. The roller wheels make it easy to move around too. Film crew or documentary producers carry large pelican cases for outdoor shoots. The large pelican camera case is ultra strong and durable and keeps the camera safe from all harmful elements. Aquapac cases are generally preferred by river rafters as they could be worry free as its acrylic lens helps to shoot even underwater. Pelican cases are unbreakable, watertight, dustproof, crushproof, chemical resistant and damage proof.

So move out freely with your choice and need of camera and protect it with the suitable case that it requires. Move out and click images to remember every step once you are back. It’s a scenic beauty, or a chirping bird, a sweet castle or roaring tigers, a camera sets handy for all image capturing purposes. Keep your gadget safe and protected  in a cover or with a hard case.

Featured Image Courtesy: videomaker.com