More ‘Exotic’ Mosquito Larvae Found – MoskitoSafe Mosquito Repellent Very Essential to Carry


Mosquitoes from overseas are called ‘exotic’ mosquitoes. This term does not make them more interesting; in fact, they are just more of a nuisance. Many of these exotic mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases. They can travel with us by air and sea. We cannot just wait for a mosquito to come and sting us; hence Moskito Safe mosquito repellent is the need of the hour.

The Issue

Some of the ‘exotic’ mosquitoes are the Aedine species that lay eggs above the surface of the water. These eggs can survive for long periods without water. Some species like the northern and southern Saltmarsh mosquito can even survive outside the water as larvae, within damp mud of groundwater habitats. This makes them especially hard to eradicate.

Some of the recently found viruses that can be transmitted are Rose River and Bermah forest, the virus that causes Murrey Vally Encephalitis. As per the statistical data, they spread diseases to more than 700 million people every year, out of which nearly 100 million die.

The mosquitoes that pose the greatest risk are Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. These mosquitoes can transmit pathogens of serious public health concern such as Zika, dengue and chikungunya viruses. The mosquitoes aren’t found in local wetlands, they prefer backyard water-holding containers. We need to shift our focus from the swamps to the suburbs.

The Solution

What’s needed now is a better understanding of how the community thinks about mosquitoes and how they’re trying to make their backyard less favorable for these pests. Apart from keeping a check at our backyards, we also need to do something to protect ourselves by wearing full sleeved clothes, light-colored clothes, wearing socks all the time. Well, these are just add-ons but not the solution.

Moskito Safe Mosquito repellent is the best and the safest solution to this problem. Moskito  Safe is not just human-friendly, safe but highly effective. Applying it to the exposed skin as per the instructions and it will do wonders. Avoid the eye area, wounded or scratched skin and keeping it away from children using it by themselves are the important things to keep in mind.

Moskito Safe Mosquito repellent can be used while leaving for outdoor visits to the exposed area. A more conscious application is required during dawn and dust time as that is a most active time period for mosquitoes. It needs to be applied more frequently during hot and humid weather. Even while applying sunscreen, Moskito Safe mosquito repellent needs to be applied after the sunscreen.  Moskito Safe Mosquito repellent can be used for children above 3 months.

Mosquitoes don’t just whine in our ear and drive us crazy but it’s our body composition that drives them close. Mosquitoes can sense us from far. When we breathe out we omit some amount of carbon dioxide, which also seeps out of out pores too. Hence, the CO2, our body warmth, and humidity that we omit drives them close. And Mosquito Repellents basically shield and conceal the omissions of our body to repel the insects and mosquitoes. Hence, Moskito Safe mosquito repellant should be applied regularly.

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