Explore Ancient Sites to Reconnect With Past


The beauty of India’s past and glorious history is that it  is splendid and timeless in every sense of the word. Its amazing to see that the plethora of ancient sites and monuments dating back right to the Mauryan era have still not lost their original form and  décor . In fact it’s a credit to the architects and designers of these bygone era that committed themselves to building structures that could withstand the extreme temperatures and changes in the environment including pollution that is a result of the modern times. Right down from the caves of Ellora to the Shanti Stupa of Laddakh . India offers photographers and travel enthusiasts across the world an opportunity to embrace and capture  brilliant and varied forms of architecture  right to its core, the detail that one finds in some of these marvels simply cannot be deciphered in a  standard defined explanation of what kind of science and geometrical knowledge our ancestors might have possessed in those times. If there is  any place to derive any inspiration even for the amateur photographers it has to be this country . Lets take a moment to  locate and discover  some of these magnificent  rare  sites in their full glory.

Martand Sun Temple , Jammu and Kashmir

sun temple

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Located in the plateau of Anantnag, this ancient site has been dedicated to the sun god and was built by the king of Karkota dynasty in the early 8th century AD . These ruins were later destroyed by Sikander Bhutshikan and has been in the state of ruins since then . The unique feature of this is the panaramic view of the Kashmir valley just behind it . The design and structure of the place is amalgamation of various forms of architecture influenced by Gandharan,  Roman , Gupta among others. It has been classified as one the top archaeological sites in India.

Golconda Fort, Andhra Pradesh

Golconda Fort

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This glorious structure over looking the skyline of Hyderabad has seen the exchange of multiple hands of power . It started from a mud fort  to take form and give way to many bridges , 4 distinct forts ,mosques ,gateways. The unique attraction of this site is a engineering marvel where a clap at the entrance dome can be heard for miles away . This was a way to alert the people in case of an attack.

Kumbalgarh  Fort , Rajasthan



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The high surrounding wall across this structure gives way to our very own Great Wall of China. And is quite similar in design though not in length. It comprises of gates , majestic  watch towers , chambers etc . It is an array of magnificent places and ruins that draw their foundation and inception right since the Mauryan era.

Tawang monastery

Tawang monastery

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The largest monastery in India and second largest in the world after Potala palace in Tibet. It was founded by the Merek  Lama Lodre  at the behest of the Dalai Lama. You would be enthralled  by the beauty of this place.  It has been a hub for many photographers  that  have flocked this place for years. The place offers  steep ravines that gave away to streams, mountains making it a picturesque landmark for breathtaking shots.

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