Fertility – The Story to Parenthood


Has fertility become a major issue of concern for today’s generation? The question may sound a bit weird to you, but holds great importance for couples planning their baby. Ask them and they will open their heart to you, telling you how hard they have been trying to conceive a baby. Right from using the ovulation kits to the sperm count kits, getting checked by obstetricians to choosing IVF method, they may have tried every possible method to have a baby. So, what has gone wrong with our Fertility? Why has it become difficult to conceive a baby?

The Reason

Earlier, a few years down the lane, conceiving babies for couples was not a major issue, unless you were detected with a biological condition. Families had 3 to 5 kids, all healthy and with a good growth rate. But today, the story of fertility has changed a little bit. Today, conceiving babies is no longer an easy task. You need a good gynecologist to guide you, and a couple of check ups to ensure that all is good with your fertility. Blame it to your long work schedules, lack of healthy and nutritious food and improper sleeping patterns that altogether affect your body’s hormonal system and hence your fertility. This is one reason why several home checkup kits are nowadays available that help you know the best conceiving dates for you, whether your egg has matured or not and whether your sperm count is healthy enough to make your partner conceive. Yes, you can know all this from just a few renowned home checkup kits.

Home Test kits

Available for both, men and women alike, these home check kits can help you start with your family planning. Easy to use and available with a complete guide on how and when to use, these kits can help you plan your pregnancy without any medical help. All you need to do is buy them, read the instructions and follow the procedure to know if your body is ready to conceive a baby or not. Here is a brief about these home check kits.

  • Ovulation kit

This is a kit for women to check whether their eggs have passed the maturation phase and are ready to fuse with the sperms released in the uterus after sex. All you need to do is place a few drops of your urine in the given area and then wait for the kit to show its result.

  • Pregnancy test kit

Pregnancy test kit

Confirm your pregnancy at home with this one step pregnancy kit. The kit gives you 100% genuine result, thus allowing you to enjoy the initial moments of your pregnancy with your partner and family.

  • Sperm count kit

Check your male fertility with this Sperm count kit to know your possibility to have future children. The kit is easy to use and gives you result in just 10 minutes time. The results provided by it are 98% accurate. Check your fertility conveniently and privately, without being embarrassed in the presence of your doctor.

Above all, it is important you understand that these kits only help you know your chance of conceiving a baby. In case of fertility issues, you need to take the needed treatments from your doctor to plan a baby.