Finger Entrapment Injuries: What to do to avoid them?



Finger entrapment injuries often involve another person, especially another child –for example a child playing with classmate .The children may close the door on each other which may result in the fingers getting stuck between the door hinges. The result can be very painful and traumatic for the child …we all witnessed one such a few days ago. The fingers can get crushed or cut and may even have to be amputated, depending on the severity of the injury. As parents and educators, safety of our children is the prime concern and we must ensure that we do everything possible so that our children are safe even both at home and at school or a day care facility

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Children under eight are particularly prone to finger entrapment injuries. When children get their fingers trapped in doors and hinges, they can end up with crushed, fractured and even amputated fingers. The hinge side of the door often causes the worst injuries, especially for younger children .Older children tend to hurt themselves more often by the opening or handle side of the door.

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Cupboards, doors, door hinges and the hinge side of doors can all prove dangerous and injure children especially their fingers. Finger entrapment may also occur between moving parts of folding furniture such as cots, high chairs, prams and strollers. Here are some tips to help your students avoid a finger injury.


  • Teach children not to slam doors, and not to play around them.
  • Teach children to keep her fingers away from the hinge side of doors.
  • Teach them not to push each other around doors and close doors without checking


  • Check that the child’s hands are well out of the way before opening and closing doors, including school cab & bus  doors, if the child uses the school transport
  • Check that the child’s fingers are at a safe distance before closing windows in the cab.


  • Protect the fingers of children by using a Door Block or a Finger Guard.
  • Use doorstops to hold doors open and prevent them from slamming on hands. Doorstops and closing systems that are weighted help stop doors from slamming all of a sudden.
  • Round the edge of doors

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The recent incident at a day-care has really shaken everyone and many have started questioning the safety measures of day cares and play schools. It is obvious that no child can go through every day completely unhurt. There will be times where they will trip and hurt their knee or bump into a table and bruise themselves. These are all normal incidents. But something a like finger entrapment is avoidable and can be taken care of.

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As teachers and parents, there are several measures you can take to prevent these injuries. Enforcing some basic safety rules and routines along with the required safety equipment installed can really help in prevention of injuries and saving the children from the pain and trauma.

Watch the video to see how can we keep finger entrapment injuries at bay and protect our children 



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This post was first published here in May 2016