Five Things to Consider When Buying Luggage for Your Holiday Abroad


Taking a holiday abroad is a very exciting prospect and one which many people plan for over a period of years. Unless you make it a habit of going abroad annually, there are probably many things which you still haven’t factored into planning for the trip. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is forgetting until the last minute to consider how and what to pack. Here are five things to consider when buying luggage for your holiday abroad.

#1 Length of Stay

The amount of luggage you will need to take with you is usually dependent upon the length of time you will be staying. If you are only going from London to the South of France for a week, one or two small bags may be sufficient. However, if you are going to stay for extended periods, you may need to bring a trunk, a folding suit/dress bag, an overnight bag, a toiletry bag, a laptop case, a Samsonite cabin case and the list goes on.

#2 Destination

Next, bear in mind exactly where you are going. If you are going on an exploration of the Amazon rainforests, you will probably need some sort of backpack. Trekking through the jungle wouldn’t be easy with a four-wheeled hard shell trunk. Then again, if you are going clubbing in the Mediterranean, you would most likely want a folding suit bag to keep your evening wear as wrinkle free as possible.

#3 Mode of Travel

Long gone are the days when travellers were permitted one check-in bag on the airlines. Unless there is a discount special going on, you may be asked to pay dearly for every piece of luggage you send through cargo. Here you may want to consider travelling lightly with only what you are permitted to carry on. Just make sure to check any carry on size restrictions or weight limitations before thinking you can carry that overnight bag on the plane.

#4 Cost of Transport

If you will be asked to pay a per-bag fee when travelling on the airlines, for instance, you just might want to consider whether there are cheaper modes of transporting your luggage. Some removal companies offer decent pricing on shipping luggage to the continent and the postal service might be cheaper as well. The only problem here is having an address at the other end to ship your luggage to.

#5 Availability of Coordinating Pieces

You finally have the trip of a lifetime planned so you really want to go in style. If your holiday is going to be long and you want to take several pieces of luggage, will the brand you choose have coordinating pieces available? It is in times like this that you may want to opt for a trusted name like Samsonite luggage that has been in business for over a century. There is never a lack of coordinating luggage with a trusted name like this.

The only thing left to think about is where you may want to buy your luggage. Online retailers are often a good choice because you can shop from the comfort of your living room, and take your time doing it! If you have any questions in regards to how to pack or what to pack in, the knowledgeable consultants at Global Luggage can give you the advice you need. Don’t wait until the last minute however as you may be forced to leave without things you really wanted to carry along.

Author- Rimpal Parmar, Women Planet

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