Fun in the Woods: Whacky Ideas for Camping

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Camping can be lots of fun. Sleeping outdoors and getting away from the hassle of the daily grind can be refreshing. And there is plenty of time for leisure and entertainment while camping. It can be a great time to try new activities or get back into hobbies you used to love.
Here are some fun things to do while camping. There are lists of water activities, sports, and games to play during the trip. You will also find things to do on rainy days while camping and activities to do in tent. There are ideas for nighttime at the campsite and suggestions for the most fun places to camp.
With all of the camping activities, ideas, and fun suggestions, you'll never have a dull camping trip again.

Water activities

There are tons of exciting things you can do in the water if your campsite is near a lake, river or pool. Get all wet and crazy or explore the calmer you – whatever you might want to do, these insane water ideas will ensure you make the most of your time, and in the best way!

water sports

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Aqua Zorbing

  • skipping stones
  • fishing
  • swimming
  • floating or lounging
  • canoeing or kayaking
  • boating
  • water skiing
  • tubing
  • wave runners
  • water volleyball
  • zorbing

If you're not camping near water, you can still add some watery fun to your camping trip. Try these fun suggestions that are great for cooling off on hot days.

  • have a water balloon fight
  • attack each other with squirt guns
  • bring an inflatable wading pool and fill it with water. Works great if you are at a site that has utilities.

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Sweat it Baby! Play Some Sports

Get up and get moving. There are tons of sports activities that you can do while camping. There are easy sports that don’t require a lot of physical movement and other sports which’ll exhaust the hell outta you! Pick the ones that suit your mood and get kicking.

  • Frisbee
  • Horseshoes
  • Ring toss
  • Lawn bowling
  • Soccer
  • Bikes
  • Hiking

fun games

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If you are camping with a larger group, these active games are fun to play.

  • Capture the flag
  • Hide and seek
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Red rover

Are you Up for Some Games?

Play a few rounds of tic-tac-toe in the dirt. Now you don’t need pen and paper to play charades or two truths and a lie. Take a deck of cards with you and either play Go Fish, Black Jack, War, or build a card house with them. A box of playing cards doesn't take up much room too. If you have kids on board, ask them to come up with a game using things around the campsite. It can be a creative activity for kids to put their heads on.

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Night Time is Fun Time

There's plenty to do in the nighttime as well while camping. The darkness can be more thrilling out in the woods without all the lights of the city. Play spooky games to get your heart pounding. Or do things to light up the night.

  • Make shadow puppets
  • Go for a night walk
  • Play flashlight tag
  • Hide and seek in the dark
  • Star Gaze
  • Shoot off fireworks
  • Release sky lanterns

Play glow in the dark bowling. Put glow sticks in 2-liters bottles filled with water. Use a ball to knock them down.

Ready for some fun in the woods? Pack your bags and get set go!

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