Get Rid Of Your Child’s Head Lice

Hair lice

Head lice and their eggs can be extremely embarrassing for a child in addition to being a health hazard. When a child’s head is infected by these parasites that feed on the blood, it is an uphill task trying to remove them. There is always the risk of others in the home getting infected and if left untreated these pesky creatures can lodge themselves in other parts of the body like the underarms and groin. The child needs freedom from this unhygienic condition but without chemical based shampoos and lotions. The most effective treatment for head lice and nits is by suffocating them through the use of chemical free products designed just for this purpose – Jungle Formula Lotion and Jungle Formula Shampoo, for example.  The most effective way to use any anti head lice products is to part the hair and apply the product to the sections ensuring that the application is on the scalp.  Applying the product so will ensure that the nits or head lice eggs will also be ‘attacked’.

treat hair lice

Head Lice are a Menace

The harsh reality of head lice is that they are built to hold on and stick and even though each louse lasts but a day, they lay countless eggs that quickly hatch to produce more menacing creatures.  The child with this infestation becomes irritable due to the constant itching in the head which hampers normal activities like sleeping and eating. It is vital to repeat the treatment either as recommended on the product or as per instructions from the paediatrician.  Most often the re-treatment is required after a period of 7 days when the young creepy crawlies have hatched from the eggs.  Change the pillow covers and sheets of the child’s bed daily till the treatment is on and ensure that the child bathes well too.  Head lice do not come from dogs or cats but from contact with an infected human and your child must receive instructions on preventing a reoccurrence.

Precautions while using Head Lice treatment

  • Read the instructions carefully on the pack before use
  • Tell your child to keep eyes closed while applying the lotion or shampoo. Give the child a thick towel to hold on the eyes while treating the infested hair.
  • Rinse liberally with water if the product does get into the eyes.
  • These products are meant only for the hair and scalp and must be used as per the directions
  • Wash the child’s head in the sink to avoid the flowing of dead lice and the product over the rest of the body.
  • Never leave the product on the hair longer than instructed and rinse thoroughly till every trace of the product is out
  • In case there is skin allergy or irritation after using this product, stop its use and consult with your child’s paediatrician or your family physician
  • Keep all such products out of the reach of children and pets as they are toxic if swallowed. Seek medical help immediately if they are ingested.

Remember to support your child rather than admonishing him or her.  Find out with who your child has been interacting with and make sure that the other infected child is treated too. The fact is that even if one child has this infestation, others will catch it too.  We want our children to learn to play and be together – can’t let head lice separate them.

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