Gift Ideas For Mom-To-Be


Gifts always hold a special place in our hearts, especially when they are for a mom-to-be. Everything, right from your cozy pregnancy pillow, a pregnancy cream, skin care products, hygiene products, child care books, etc. that help in making your pregnancy comfortable are cherished for a lifetime. This Mother’s Day, we salute every mom for their loving and affectionate nature and list down 5 ultimate gift ideas for Mom-To-Be. Wrap these gifts with your love and blessings for making the First Mother’s Day a memorable one for all moms-to-be.

Skin Care For Moms

Pregnancy, as we all know, is a lifetime experience for a woman. With her entire body taking her onto a roller-coaster ride, physically and mentally, she needs skin care products that help her keep her sensitive skin radiant and free from stretch marks.

Gift her Cocoa butter massage lotion, specially designed for pregnancy and stretch marks that helps the skin stay hydrated for longer duration. This further helps avoid stretch marks on the pregnant belly. You can also opt for a thicker massage cream, a moisturizing lotion or a tummy butter, all designed for maintaining a healthier skin.

Intimate Care & Hygiene

Take care of her intimacy and hygiene with two very important pregnancy intimate care products. Choose a toilet seat sanitizer and wet wipes to avoid urinary infections during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, maintaining hygiene in your urinary area is very important, especially because your womb is located very close to your urinary tract. Higher the severity of the infection, more is the risk on your growing fetus. Gift a pack of intimate care sanitizers to avoid urinary infections and related risks to the mother and the unborn child.

Pregnancy Pillows

Sleep during pregnancy is a very rare thing for all moms-to-be. With the hormones ruling your body and mind, women need proper sleep to feel healthy, fresh and happy throughout pregnancy. And so, gift the mom-to-be a super soft and adjustable pregnancy pillow, thus assuring her a good sleep all through her pregnancy. See her wake up Happy and smiling.

Fertility Supplements

During pregnancy, doctors provide their own list of prescribed medications and fertility supplements to the new mom-to-be. But, there are also better and complete supplemennnnnts that can help the fetus grow with great health. Gift the new mom-to-be a set of the best fertility supplements.

These supplements are very important for a mother and her baby. They ensure complete growth and development in the baby.

Insect Repellents

Malaria, Dengue and chikun gunya! There are a series of diseases that a woman can conceive through insect bites. And to treat these conditions, doctors prescribe extremely high dose medications which can have a very harmful effect on the growing fetus. So, in order to ensure good health of the baby and the mother, it is important that you give ultimate protection to the mom-to-be with a high quality insect repellent cream.

Apart from these basics, you can also gift her a pregnancy belts and pads which further help in making her pregnancy comfortable. Happy Mother’s Day!!

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