Go Abroad To Enjoy A Pleasant Time…


The new year is just a few hours away, so have you planned out something to celebrate this month?

January is the prime time for a perfect getaway from everyday busy schedule. The weather is ideal for travelling fortunately in almost all places on earth. South America and Southeast Asia are generally warm and dry during this season of the year. For beach lovers or adventure buffoons, there are scuba diving and other water sports that you can start with in the Caribbean islands. To enjoy the pleasing weather, most of Columbia provides you with sunny and warm days along with pleasant nights. Leave your umbrellas at home and let your skin get totally tanned!

We have provided quite a few options for you to seek out the most fun and comfort to kill the chill around you.



Mexico City won’t give warmth for tropical escape, it can certainly make a perfect cultural city break during the earliest month of the year. Enjoy the balmy days and cool evenings with no fear of rain at all. You get to see eyes mesmerising sights, go out on a shopping spree, and an amazing nightlife. You can also indulge in exploring the ruins of the city, and many other interesting sights that would definitely make your trip memorable. You would mostly find spanish speaking people in the city. The city has a wide range of music culture that includes traditional a well as pop music. Nightlife also means that you need to be safe from robbers. Here safety lies in your own hands so we advise you to be keep your eyes open while out. Use travel locks on bags for safety.



The first month of the year is part of the peak season in Santiago as well. It draws a huge crowd from all over the globe especially Latin America to enjoy the vacation. The city has loads to offer with reasonable prices by international standards. People also have fun by visiting a number of South American countries including Chile and Andes to enjoy the adventure activities. Salsa lovers could watch live salsa shows and a few dance clubs organise salsa shows to participate for the dance geeks in Santiago, the capital city of Chile.

Rio de Janeiro:


Brazil undergoes a wet season in January with half an hour of rainfall few times a week and clear skies before and after the drizzle. Rio is the busiest city during this time just after the carnival gets over. The rates are quite affordable and an amazing place to visit for every traveller. Regular incidents of crime and gang related issues crop up in the city, thus be safe. According to a recent survey, in Brazil, only 8% of the reported crimes are solved.


bangkok (1)

Thailand is busier during this season of the year with its busiest hubs like Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi etc. People visit the country because of the pleasant weather it provides. Bright and sunny days with mild evenings are inviting. Evenings can be humid but still pleasant as compared to the other months of the year. Bangkok has a great many adventure options for you to enjoy at any time of the day. The city has a lot of street food options that all foodies would love to relish for a lifetime.



Bali islands in Indonesia offers you with sultry beaches and attractive local culture. The archipelago of Indonesia offers the world’s most beautiful marine parks, temples, forest and wildlife. Orangutans and dragons attract your mind, thus enjoy Java and Bali with all fun and thrill. Pack your backpacks accordingly and keep your cameras safe by using waterproof covers or cases while you are out enjoying wildlife or the beach in Bali.



A good time of the year to grab Florida sunshine. Florida is also known as the Sunshine State. Luxury hotels in Miami offer you with ease and comfort to stay and enjoy the weather of the city. The state invites you the best drive away from stress. The world’s best theme parks including world famous Walt Disney World can be enjoyed in Orlando. South Beach is a famous tourist attraction in Florida and the richest area in Miami beach. Earlier South beach was a place where crime kept residents indoors. The place is also known for its clubs and nightlife.



Hawaii is the best option to enjoy the warm weather where you can take a trip to the islands, or a cruise or relax on the beach. Just remember to be safe near the tides of the beaches. You should keep yourself and your belongings safe near water. There are waterproof gadget cases from Pelican that protect your gadgets from water and other elements. Hawaii is a chain of 6 islands. Kauai is the oldest and the most popular island in Hawaii.


January is the best time of the year to roam around the globe as the weather conditions are the best. This would surely affect your zeal to have fun with adventure and thrill. So, pack your rucksacks, airbags with all essential items that you might require during your travel abroad. For tourists, it is advisable to carry mosquito repellents, energy drinks, sleeping mats, waterproof glasses, bags and other useful accessories that are necessarily required on a trip.

Have fun# safety first!